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Mums-to-be talk about their pregnancy, from scans, sickness and sex to bumps, Braxton Hicks and birth plans.
  • WEEK 28 people!! whoo!!

    haha! So I made that dress out of 2 T-Shirts and some scrap red fabric I had around the place, (more info on that coming soon to my home blog) but unfortunately not everything about being 28 weeks is as fabulous as that picture....

    I had my 28 week midwife appointment and for the second time my urine has glucose in it... so... I've got a hospital appointment to have a test for gestational diabetes... not great huh? what's a little frustrating is that the appointment isn't for 2 weeks so I'm a bit confused as to what I'm supposed to do in the meantime... I don't feel ill... guess that I should cut down in sugar in my diet but, honestly, I don't eat much sugar anyway (Easter presents don't count, we've STILL got chocolate left over from Christmas for God's sake!). I've considered buying some glucose testing strips from the chemists, but then what? I mean, I'd just be working through this on a trial and error basis and I don't want to put myself in the position where in trying to 'do it right' I end up having really low blood sugar and passing out at work (I'm a secondary school teacher, it would be bad)

    So I've kind of resigned myself to just trying to eat sensibly and wait it out to my appointment... being crazy over monitoring how much sugar is in my wee might ACTUALLY send me insane, and no one wants that :-) least of all my (poor) husband.

  • Week 25!!!

    by jessmidd21 on 16 April 2011

    Hello everyone. As it stands I don't think I have been very helpful considering I am over half way through my pregnancy and still don't have a clue what's normal, but after extensive research, i've found it's really not about what's normal in pregnancy but knowing what's normal for you, knowing your own body and knowing your baby.

    My little girl is very active, there is no formal pattern I can distinguish yet which is perfectly normal, it tends to be when I am still, or sat in a certain position; which must limit the space she can move around in, when I drink fizzy pop or when I eat. It makes me and my fiance laugh when she moves, my whole belly moves, it really is magical but can be quite uncomfortable especially when it makes my whole body jump, she must be kicking a nerve. I got very scared when she didn't move at all one day, naturally I looked it up online, which scared me, but she made up for it.

    I am going through certain phases at the moment of not wantng to be touched then desperately wanting to be intimate with my other half. It's very frustrating as the last time we did have sex it felt so different for me, and I didn't enjoy it at all. Also I get breathless very easily and it's easy for me to over heat, so that could be part of the problem. Perhaps it's the fact I don't feel sexy anymore, I just see this gigantic orb in the mirror, I feel ugly and still don't think I have experienced this pregnancy 'bloom' I have read so much about.

    I watched a documentary about how stress affects your baby, their heart races, the stress is transmitted through the placenta and can make them more prone to stress in later life and certain disorders associated with high blood pressure like heart diease. That is very worrying, so I have decided to mellow, and trust my fiance when he tells me everything will work out. I find creating lists helps, going for walks (despite getting hot after about 7 steps) laying down is also lovely, spending some bonding time with the baby. Singing to her and talking to her like she is already born. Apparently a baby's favourite sound is her mums voice.

    I find it difficult to bend down, even to shave my legs and I really can't see my feet anymore, but I take comfort in the fact I only have 15 weeks to go. I have a count down calender on my wall, but I still don't want to forget the feeling of her growing inside me, I feel like I have really achieved something, that she is healthy in there and I'm taking good care of her. I havent had a drink or cigarette since I practically found out and I am really proud of that. I also bought a moses basket, pram, car seat, baby bath, clothes and nappies, just in case she decides to arrive early.

    Anyway that's all from me for a while. I see my midwife on Monday, and I intend to ask her about antenatel classes, dental care, birth arrangements and a host of other questions... I have had a while to write a list. One thing I have learnt, if you have an easy pregnancy, even if it's your first, if you don't ask questions you won't find out anything.

    Hope everyone is having easy pregnancies too. x

  • First Time Pregnancy

    by blackcat77 on 15 April 2011

    Hi all,

    I've read a few posts since I found out that I was pregnant and find them hugely comforting as I have no idea what's happening. As usual people have plenty of stories (even those without children) yet it's you that has the changing body, nausea, sore breasts and the anticipation of being able to see your baby for the first time.

    I had my first midwifes appointment at the start of the month and despite saying I was almost twelve weeks I am only receiving my first scan on Monday. Despite the wait I absolutley can't wait - its kind of the assurance that despite reading the relevent NHS information I have been doing something right and baby is healthy - here's fingers crossed!!

    Looking at some of the other posts so far (touching wood) I haven't suffered that much sickness just the feeling of general nausea which fortunately has all but gone now. For me its the tiredness I couldn't cope with. I'd fall asleep as soon as I got home from work and sleep to 7am the next day, apparantly that won't last so I'm looking forward to a summer of enjoying my pregnancy and the anticipation of meeting junior in the autumn.

    So back to crossing my fingers for Monday and all being well I'll provide an update soon

    Congratulations mum-to-be


  • Hi, my name is Rachel and this is my first pregnancy blog!

    Been married nearly four years and we having been trying for a baby since the new year. I was lucky enough to fall pregnant quickly Smile We found out when my period was a week late and after 4(!) pregnancy tests that I was indeed pregnant! We told immediate family as we were both very excited!


    The first few weeks have been fine. Sore breats (particularly at night!) and 'morning' sickness, although mine seems to happen at anytime and has no rhyme or reason to it. More recently I've felt exceptionally tired and worse of all this morning suffered from unbearable constipation! Sad Never felt so much pain! Had a moment today at the garden centre where I nearly fainted (due to lack of food I believe) So some serious changes need to be made i.e more fibre, more fluid and more food! (healthy of course!) Smile

    My first midwife appointment is on the 28th and apparently will be an hour! Not sure why it will be so long but will keep you posted!



  • 16 week midwife appointment

    by inca20 on 14 April 2011

    Hi all, Was my 16 week appointment with the midwife on Monday. She went through my blood results (which were normal) and stuck them in my pregnancy notes. She then took my blood pressure - which strangely enough had gone down. Was very pleased when she listened to the baby's heartbeat and I could hear it too! Makes it a lot more real.

    She said I was the right size for dates - still no real bump though - just a flabby stomach?!??!.

    Still very tired and I could sleep for Britain!


    Inca xx




  • So, one thing I do is I sew... I'm a bit of a sewing addict... It's not a very fashionable hobby for a 24 year old, but I've made some fabulous stuff in the past (even if I do say so myself). Clearly, being pregnant has presented me with certain... challenges... 

    Anyhow I recently finished this stretch jersey dress, with tent sleeves and ruffle collar. I've blogged about it over at my personal blog if you're interested in the sewing nitty gritty, or want to see more pictures.

    It' SO COMFY especially in the recent hot weather, this dress has really saved my life at work, I'm beginning to see the downside to having a July baby!

    I had my 25 week checkup last week, and the midwife found sugar in my urine.. that was really scary! up til now I've had a pretty straightforward, uncomplicated pregnancy, The midwife said that it was probably because I'd had frosties for breakfast.

    Apparently pregnancy hormones work against insulin, and so do 'waking up in the morning' hormones. This means that a pregnant woman who has no problem with her blood sugar most of the time might find that her body can't properly regulate it's blood sugar in the morning. She recommended that I watch my sugar intake, especially int he morning, and we'll check again at my 28 week checkup to see if the sugar is still present in my urine. If it is that could mean that I've got gestational diabetes, which means I'd have to go to hospital to have more tests :-( I really hope it sorts itself out, I don't want to have diabetes!... but I feel fine, I have quite a good diet anyhow, rice, vegetables, brown bread, brown pasta, all the right stuff. Ironically I'd only started eating frosties (or indeed, breakfast) when I got into my second trimester to help me stop snacking on rubbish in the morning.

    Sometimes you just can't win huh? nevermind, I'm feeling positive. Squiggle is dancing around as I type. I even managed to take a video of his/her kicks the other night. Check it out!

  • Hello Big Smile


    Today I am 31+5.  Yesterday I went to see the midwife, had an anaesthetic review and started antenatal classes.  It was a busy day.  Not to mention the 3d scan a few days before, but let's not talk about that as all I saw was my little boy's ear due to him being fast asleep and not moving an inch!  I do get a free rescan in 2 days so i'm quite happy, and shall be ingesting a lot of sugar to get him moving.


    Firstly, Midwife: everything was fine, my blood pressure was normal, as was my urine sample.  I heard baby's heartbeat Big Smile and my fundal height was measured at 32, which apparently is normal too.  She had a feel and felt the baby in a head down position with his spine to my right, which has been his preferred position since 28 weeks, i think he does move slightly from it but always goes back.  She has suggested i go to physio relaxation classes at the hospital, which I have booked in for 4th May.

    Second, Anaesthetist: Said that she had to see me because of me being a larger lady that they like to assess the possibility of having an epidural and other things before i'm actually in labour.  |It is now wrote in my notes "epidural is possible", so when i get there screaming for one they know that i can have one.

    Third, Antenatal Class:  This was very informative, as our first class was all about signs and stages of labour and pain relief.  They even taught partners how to massage the bottom of the back in labour that helps, and asked us to mark our partners out of ten.  I am ashamed to say that i gave him a 2, because he was all knucles and it ws rather painful.  Looking forward to next week, as it is all about bringing baby home and what to do, which I actually haven't got a clue about!


    Hubby has officially finished work now.  He has started to put baby things together while he is home, which is lovely.  I have attached a picture of my cot, but no mattress yet, due to be delivered tomorrow.

    That's all i can think of for now, hopefully i will have a nice picture of my little boy next time, if he behaves himself at the next scan.

  • Hi everyone, just thought I would quickly blog about recent events. Has anyone else been feeling very emotional about everything? Crying at nothing? Panicking about everything?

    I am just over 23 weeks now and our little girl moves around all day and ALL night! Also, wierdly the muscle by the side of my left knee has been twitching for 5 days...

    I think maybe she turns around and kicks towards my spine which makes it twitch, its very frustrating!! Recently I have been worried about money, finishing the final few months of 3rd year

    at university, worried about my relationship and my family and everything else in my life. The worry makes me lash out at everyone but I just want things to be sorted out and I find it really difficult to relax.

    I tend to cry at anything now, even just moderately sad films... a little pathetic as I never used to cry at anything.

    Me and my fiance have a bit of trouble having sex now as I'm bigger and get so breathless. It's a lot less enjoyable and I think I will stop bugging him about it now as its difficult and not really satisfying.

    I guess that's it for now. Have my midwife appointment next week, which should be interesting, My midwife is rubbish! She tells me nothing and is very unhelpful! I am only just 21 years old and I think I should be offered more support and information that this. Hope everyone else is having good pregancies. I am going to start being more grateful that my little girl is healthy and moving, even if it does disturb my sleep. x

  • Still counting!

    by Gnomi777 on 05 April 2011

    9 weeks now and have booked my 12 week scan for 26 April. The time just cannot go fast enough. I did try to wangle an earlier one as I work at a hospital (about 50 foot away from Maternity handily enough!) but they were really good (and fair enough) and said they couldn't do it. I don't want to buy anything until the scan just in case (bit of a (pessamistic?) realist with things) and have tried not to look at stuff to buy, although my sister, being a nanny, has a lot of good recommendations on what to and not to buy.

    Have now told all family (bar my grandad and uncles/aunties yet) - told my mum and partners mum on Mother's Day. Gave them both a set of knitting needles with a best used before date on them of November 2011...harharhar! It took a bit of guessing on my Mum's part (and some expressive eyebrow raising hints from my sister) before she understood, bless her! Other halfs, Mum was pretty on the ball and both of them are so chuffed! Took my brothers ages to guess what the symbolic needles meant...boys just don't think along the same lines...but my Dad guessed immediately! He did find a history on his laptop of my looking at ovulation charts though a few months ago so I think he was waiting for the news!

    Really looking forwards to telling my best friend. We've already reserved our Starbucks corner for mother's meetings once a week in anticipation of bambinos arriving within our group of friends...!

    Feelings wise, boobaloobs still feeling a bit painful and mahoosive! Have been getting to late afternoon and developing a really nasty taste at the back of my mouth which makes me feel rank and is only resolved by eating something like salted crisps. Still sensitive to smells. Woodsmoke has completely changed smell and smells vile, which is an issue as I live on a narrowboat in a marina where most people (including me) have woodburning stoves. Ick. Foodwise, not off anything (which is a shame as I seem to be hungry every 2 hours) but not really into anything either. I did eat my first orange for about 15 years the other day though and enjoyed it, so that's an interesting one as I normally despise them. OH has just received a big gift of lots of soft cheeses, pate and wine for doing a favour for someone, which is really annoying...grrr...I think he should freeze them until next year so I can eat them too..!!

    Kind of a relief that other people know now, we are both really bad at keeping secrets so sooner or later would have let it slip. Also, it's really nice to be able to talk to my Mum about how she felt when pregnant, as well as other friends.

    Hope everyone else is getting on ok.

    Take care,


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  • Hi all,


    Well I finally got my combined nuchal test results today. The envelope was white and marked in the way only a hospital can so I knew what it was. I was sooooo scared opening it although lots of people say you get a phone call if all is not well. Well my result was LOW RISK!! yey!!. I was a bit suprised you don't get actual percentages here but I guess that is how they run things. So pleased I can begin to tell people. I also bought a few more maternity bits off ebay - and the seller sent me a load of stuff extra I hadn't paid for which was a bonus.

    I also had a Swine Flu jab last week at my surgery. I wasn't put under any pressure to have it - but as I was off work with flu for over a month before xmas, I know how bad it can get (well, for me at least - it spoilt xmas).

    Still very tired and go to bed about 8pm (a vast improvement from 6.00pm). Bump is a bit slow getting there - GROW!!! Smile

    Inca x



  • Hi this is my first baby an first blog not too sure what to put so i'll start at the beginnig. Me and my fella Andy have been together for just over two years now, at the back end of last year we had talked about moving in together and having a baby at the back end of last year but agreed that we would need to save up and planned to move in and me to come of the pill at the end of 2011. However one weekend about 10 weeks ago I started getting really bad period pains which continued into the monday. While I was at work it got that painful that my boss sent me to a&e (lucky I work in the hospital) after a 5 minute meeting with the doctor I was told that i had stomach pains because i was pregnant but it was probably ectopic so they would be booking me in for an abortion the following day!!!! My fella was in work at the time so it was a diffucult phone call to make and tell him that i was pregnant but wouldn't be by the next day. He was amazing and so comforing which put my mind at rest. After 6 hours in a&e and lots of painkillers they agreed to let me go home on the condition that i came back for a ultrasound scan the following day and we were told the excellent news that it was just a cyst bursting an not an ectopic pregnancy! 

    Since then i've had a scan at 8 weeks just to make sure everything was ok as well as my usual 12 week scan and bump appears to be fine. I have been lucky as only had about 4 weeks of morning sickness and went off eating meat for a while however slowly getting back into my old eating habbits. My boobs have balooned and Andy has taken a while to learn not to touch as they are so sore but he's finally getting there!I've had  a fair bit of trouble sleeping which has made me even more hormonaly grumpy lol and have been suffering with extreamly bad back pains for last two weeks. I've been to tow different doctors who both say its just because its my first baby and all my muscles are softening and flexing and i just have to put up with it.  

    We've already ordered our pram from mother care and bought bottle steriliser and bottles as they were on special offer but will probably leave the rest till we find out what sex the baby is.

    The last week i've been feeling movements and the odd kick which is weird to begin with but totally cool (i often find it happens most in the evenings and about half an hour after i've had a coffee or chocolate and am often tempted to have more just to make the baby move!) 

    Me and Andy are in the process of trying to find a house to rent, close to his mums so she can baby sit for us when I go back to work, but its proving very difficult most places are unfurnished which means buying lots of furniture on top of the baby stuff and then there is money for deposits/rent/bills on top which is totally stressing me out.

    I've got my 16 week meeting with my midwife next week so i'll blog once i've been. We are both really looking forward to the sexing scan on 12th may (i'll attach the pic when we get it) as we both really want to know what sex it is (I'm not bothered what it is just too damn nosey! Andy wants to know as he's desperate for a son! typical man!)

    Then after that fingers crossed a nice pregnancy and roll on 21st Sept (my due date) other than that i don't know what else to say so I best leave it at that for now! 


    Lisa x


  • Hi all, this will only be a short one as I haven't much to update.

    I am 29 + 5, and currently having another panic over movements.  He has been really active over the weekend, then hardly anything yesterday and this morning.  I rang the midwife and she said to keep an eye on it and if i was still worried then to ring back in a few hours, but after lunch i managed a kick count and got 10 movements in just under an hour, so to say i was relieved would be an understatement!  Keep getting a few little kicks now this afternoon Smile

    Its hubby's last week at work this week, he will be getting a months paid leave then he will officially be unemployed, scary times.

    I think i have the last bits i needed now for the baby, im ready with 10 weeks to spare Big Smile.  My very kind sister in law has given us a cot and is buying us a new mattress to go in it.  I bought a silvercross linear freeway pram from ebay for £50 and it is gorgeous, but put it this way, i'm very glad my car has a large boot!  I also managed to get the bouncing chair that i wanted from ebay, its a mamas and papas apollo chair, and looks very futuristic.  I think i only need a few bits of clothes now and i will be done. 

    Off on holiday (well, mini-break) on Saturday, we shall be cruising the canals of the north west, or as far as we can get in 4 days.  I have strict instructions from my mum that i am not to be jumping on and off the boat like i usually do, and believe me i know i can't jump anywhere, it takes me all my time to walk these days.  I am looking forward to the break tho.

    The weekend after will be a busy one.  On the Saturday we have booked a 3d scan, and i can't wait to see my little boy again Big Smile then on the Sunday my family, hubbys family and some friends are all going out for lunch, as i wanted a baby shower but felt guilty about asking people to buy us things so all going out for a meal was my compromise.  The Monday i will have a midwife appointment, then our first Antenatal Class! I am so looking forward to it, as hubby can finally feel involved in something, usually he sits in a corner while i get all the attention.

    So, all being well I shall update after my 3d scan with a photo of my gorgeous little son Big Smile



  • 14 weeks tomorrow

    by inca20 on 26 March 2011

    Hi all,


    Still waiting for my Nuchal (combined) test results letter but no sign as yet. Feeling a bit less strange about food (and smells!!). But the tiredness really wears me down. I went to a shopping mall yesterday and today I am simply exhausted Smile. I'm getting a bit of a bump now and I've even bought a few maternity clothes to wear which is nice.

    Hope all are well,




  • Post-scan relief!

    by Elderberrywine on 26 March 2011

    Well all that anxiety was totally un-called for!  I had an emergency scan yesterday and everything was fine, such a relief!  I had convinced myself that something had gone wrong and was totally freaking out but the sonograph thing showed a heartbeat and wriggling baby!!  It's so exciting.  We have told our parents now but won't make it generally known yet.  Anyway, scan picture below:



  • Hello All,

    Well, where to start. Er... I'm 32 and this is my first pregnancy. Me and the other half met last May and within 2 weeks had already confessed to each other that we wanted to multiply! He already has two lovely children, aged 9 and 6, so has been there before but it was a while ago so hopefully it won't be all old hat to him this time.

    Decided to wait until jobs, relationship and feelings, had settled down a bit (and and summertime bbq's and beers were over!) and then came off the pill in November. Spent that first three months trying ohsohard to be good just in case, not drinking too much, not smoking (more than one a day!), being generally gentle with myself, to no avail! BAH! Then chilled out a bit and we pretty much agreed not to think about 'it' happening for a while. And hey presto! It happened!! Whoohoo! I had been using a free app on my ipad thing to monitor periods and feelings and 'intimate' times (*blush!) and didn't remember to look at it for a while and when I did I almost froze when it said 4 days overdue...whatwhatwhat!! This was on the Monday after a Saturday at the Rugby consuming more than a ladylike amount of Guinness which resulted in THE WORST hangover I've ever had. That made me a tad suspicious so on the Monday I bought a test, went home, peed and sat in a sort of semi-shocked daze as that second line appeared almost instantly. Guess that's the reason why then!

    I decided to wait a week before telling the other half just to be sure. Showed him the ipad thing and bless him, it took him a minute to clock on, then I cried. Then we laughed. Then he looked a bit shocked. Then we had a cup of tea. Calm like.

    I had my first meeting with my Midwife yesterday, lovely lady, so gently spoken, just hope she can yell at me when the time comes! Really want to be nosy and have an early scan just as proof that something IS going on. I had cramps up until last week which were worrying but it seems that everyone has them at the start, and now just have the painful boobs (ridiculously - have to wear sports bra to bed!) and feel pretty rough and icky most of the time. I'm eating crystallised stem ginger whenever this gets bad and this seems to stop it but it's so sugary! Not as tired now but did blame most of that on having a really bad chesty cough and cold over the last two weeks. Also keep getting mild headaches, which the Midwife wasn't to worried over but don't help with feeling sick. Oh, and spottier than a teenager at the moment too. So attractive! Other half is a darlin and very caring, trying to get me to rest and not push myself too hard but have warned him that I don't want to be treated like an invalid! I think that's something I'll find hard, having to slow down, I'm too much of a fidgit!

    Feeling a bit tubby around the lower waist but not sure whether that's just the vast amount of food I've been consuming trying to stave off sickness, it's so frustrating that there is nothing to show at the moment (apart from a deeper cleavage)! This seems to be the most annoying thing to most ladies!!

    Seriously can't wait for the 12 week scan, it seems like an age away. We're going to tell Mothers on Mothers Day even though I'll only be about 9 weeks then. Like others have said, it's good to tell people you'd want to know if something went wrong. Fingers crossed. If I can blag an earlier scan that'd be great! My sister knows already as I went out with her the weekend after and was already feeling a bit dodgy, she sussed when I didn't have anything to drink all night!

    Oh, the increased sense of smell thing is amazing! I feel like a Superhero! I can sniff out all sorts of stuff, sometimes this isn't so nice (dogs smell really bad), but it makes other things smell gorgeous, flowers, washing, aftershave! I could easily keep this symptom! If the sickness thing really kicks in I might regret saying that but for the moment it's lovely!

    Hope you are all doing ok out there. Thanks for the other blogs, they've been really reassuring. Speak soon!




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