About Candycan

I have Dissociative Identity Disorder. It used to be called Multiple Personality Disorder but the new name makes it sound less crazy.

A lot of the time I don't seem like a crazy person (I hope); sometimes I do but I try to keep those times out of the public eye.

Bad things happened to me when I was a little squid. I don't know all about that but sometimes I get a glimpse of an idea of what they were and I think it was a few different types of bad thing. They were too hard for me to be able to think about so without realising I made another 'part' of myself be the person to look after those bad things. Over time I guess other 'parts' came to be and now we reach the present day where I have multiple 'people' sharing my head with me.

I know they are all aspects of me, but I experience them as separate people. Some parts can take over my body and be the main driver so to speak, but usually 'I' am still there in the background somewhere keeping an eye out and I can do a good job at stopping that from happening if I don't want it to... usually.

Often, it's me that is the main driver and I do a good job at keeping an ear on what everyone else in my head is saying but it can get a bit muddly and confusing and if it all gets too much, I can disappear and the person I call 'Function' takes over.

There's a lot I still don't know and my blog is helping me explore things. Sometimes I know more than at other times too. I hope you enjoy reading our blog.

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