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Vehicle Defects

If you think your vehicle or related part has a safety defect you can report this to VOSA.

VOSA will consider if any action is required by the manufacturer to correct the defect.

Things to consider before reporting a safety Defect.

VOSA’s Vehicle Safety Branch work to three Codes of Practice relating to different products, these codes detail the actions required by a manufacture/supplier when a serious safety defect is suspected in their products.

The codes define a safety defect as:

“A feature of design or construction liable to cause a significant risk of personal injury or death”.

  • Evidence must exist to show that there is a safety defect as defined above and the defect must be common to a number of units.

What are not safety defects under these codes are:

  • Defects that can be identified during routine maintenance/service and not repaired.
  • Defects that give prior warning due to warning lights, marked changes in handling and unusual noises.

It may be clearer to say that this is an issue that happens suddenly and without warning and can have catastrophic results.

Please note that VOSA is unable to assist in any claim for reimbursement of repair costs or any other form of compensation.

For issues related to recently purchased vehicles, faulty repairs or durability issues please contact your local Trading Standards Office, consumer protection or citizen’s advice or by visiting:

Submitting a Safety Defect Report

Further information about Safety Defects - Consumers Guide to Vehicle Safety DefectsAdobe PDF Document

If after considering the above information you still think your vehicle has a serious safety defect, please complete and submit a Vehicle Safety Defect Report using the link below.

Vehicle Safety Defect Reporting FormAdobe PDF Document

Page last updated: 25/02/2011