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Keep Warm Keep Well campaign 2010/11

  • Last modified date:
    5 November 2010
Keep Warm Keep Well

The Government has launched its annual Keep Warm Keep Well Campaign for 2010/11.The government's advice on staying warm over the winter aims to reduce cold-related illness and deaths.

Cold homes have a significant impact on people’s health. One of the best ways of keeping well during winter is to stay warm.

Cold weather can lead to serious health problems such as heart attacks, strokes, pneumonia and depression.

The chances of these problems are higher if people are vulnerable to cold-related illnesses because of one or more of the following:

  • They are over 60
  • They are on a low income and can't afford heating
  • They have a long-term health condition such as heart, lung or kidney disease
  • They are disabled

Every winter in the UK, 25,000-30,000 deaths are linked to the cold weather. Currently, approximately four million households in the UK are in fuel poverty. This is when a household spends more than 10 percent of its income to keep warm.

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