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Popular DH leaflets, booklets and posters

  • Last modified date:
    9 November 2010

The Department’s most requested leaflets, posters and booklets grouped into categories with links to other websites where DH leaflets can be found.

Are there any leaflets, booklets or posters missing from this list?

Diseases, infections and immunisations

Information and guidance on diseases and infections, infection control and immunisation.

Drugs (prescription)

Information and posters on prescription drugs.

Health education and promotion

Leaflets and publications on Keep Warm, Keep Well, 5 A Day, Carbon monoxide poisoning and the Department’s other wellbeing campaigns.

Long term conditions

Help and advice for patients with diabetes and other long term conditions.

Patient information

Guidance for the public on patient choice, patient charges and exemptions, patient consent to healthcare and family consent to post mortem examination procedures, with downloadable copies of the related forms.

Pregnancy, childbirth and infant care

Practical resources for parents and maternity and child care professionals. 

Primary and secondary care

Primary and secondary health care services and introductory literature on the National Health Service.

Publications in other languages

DH publications and resources that have been translated into other languages and are available electronically from this website. There are other DH publications, not listed here, that have foreign language translations that are only available in hard copy: for details of these you will need to contact the DH publications centre.


Information about some of the screening services provided by the NHS.

Social care services

Aspects of community based social care. 

Substance misuse and smoking

Advice and guidance for young people and parents on the misuse of drugs, and smoking related health issues with advice on giving up.


Health advice for travellers and the European health insurance card (EHIC).

Additional links

Ordering publications

Contact details for obtaining hard-copy DH publications.

Help viewing PDFs

Useful tips to ensure you get the most from PDFs and the free Reader program. Topics covered include accessibility, troubleshooting and searching files.

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