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Change4Life Partners and Supporters

  • Last modified date:
    8 September 2010

How can healthcare professionals, PCTs and SHAs use Change4Life?

Obesity is recognised as a problem which stretches across all ages and all socio-economic groups and is a growing concern that we need to address across society. Change4Life aims to positively and measurably improve the diets and activity levels of families in England by creating a society-wide movement. The marketing campaign has increased awareness nationally to the issue of weight and physical activity (82% of mothers have heard of Change4Life) but the importance of healthcare professionals to the success of Change4Life at a local level cannot be over-emphasised. As trusted advisers, many healthcare professionals will be the first point of contact for those at-risk of becoming overweight or obese and are a in position to influence our target families.

Change4Life provides support in the fight against obesity by encouraging children and adults to make changes to their diet and physical activity levels.  We offer a range of free support materials, comprehensive toolkits, use of the brand (supported by language and brand guidelines), consumer insights, online content and access to some of our advertising. 

There are many practical ways that you can use Change4Life (depending on your role and responsibilities in the NHS) that can be brought together under five headings:

Change4Life display board in Burnley
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Endorse – get behind the campaign by endorsing and promoting our key messages and the behaviours.  You can do this by displaying and distributing our free support materials (posters, leaflets, activity sheets etc) to the public and by using the ideas and guidance in our toolkits to engage with people about Change4Life. 

Change4Life and 5 A Day support materials are available to order from the DH Orderline and our Toolkits are available to download. Click through to our Tools page for more details of what’s available.

Join – register as a Local Supporter and join the Change4Life movement (and encourage colleagues to join too).  Anyone can be a Local Supporter and joining gives you access to our brand assets page, where you can find our logos, characters, fonts and sub-brands to use in your communications. You will also receive regular email updates from the Change4Life team with news about how the campaign is doing, new activity and resources

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Brand - use our logos, characters, font and sub-brands on your healthy living communications, on materials, newsletters, activities and online.

There is lots of flexibility in our brand so there’s no need to re-invent your existing initiatives as you can use our logo as a co-brand if you prefer.  We have produced brand guidelines that explain how to make the most of what’s on offer.

Also consider putting the Change4Life logo, messaging and information on the Healthy Living page of your website and linking to the Change4Life website. Use the logo and characters on our assets page and the sample editorial in our Local Supporter Toolkit to help you.

Share – use your contacts and networks to share knowledge about Change4Life and work with local authority, school, business, charity and community colleagues. Join forces on local initiatives aimed at changing the behaviours of new parents, families and adults in your region. Work with your local papers and local radio to generate publicity for your activity.

Change4Life billboard in Tower Hamlets
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Commission – use Change4Life to help with patient outcomes by commissioning or developing services, events and advertising to tackle obesity in your local area using social marketing principles and Change4Life insights, materials and branding to support your objectives.

Take a look at our ‘Together we can help everyone change4life’ leaflet for some handy hints on how to make the most of what Change4Life offers.

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