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Revision to the Operating Framework for the NHS in England 2010/11

21 June 2010

A revision to the Operating Framework for the NHS in England 2010/11 has been published setting out a number of areas subject to immediate change. These reflect  the government’s ambition to move towards a health service which puts patients at the heart of decision-making, which focuses on quality and outcomes, not processes, and with more devolved responsiblities.

The revision to the NHS Operating Framework for 2010/11 makes significant changes this financial year and signals substantial changes in future years as to how the NHS will function as it develops to drive up standards, support professional accountability, deliver better value for money and create a healthier nation

This should be read in tandem with the NHS Operating Framework for 2010/11 published in December 2009 and available on this page. The NHS is expected to deliver against the NHS Operating Framework for 2010/11 (16 December 2009) in all areas not explicitly mentioned in the revision.

SHAs will continue to hold PCTs to account on the basis of the operational plans submitted in March 2010, as well as achieving the milestones set out in the quality, innovation, productivity and prevention plans.

David Nicholson has written to NHS chief executives in England about the revision to the NHS Operating Framework for 2010/11:

The operating framework for the NHS for 2010/11 sets out the priorities for the NHS for the year ahead to enable them to begin their planning.

For the third year in a row, the national priorities in the operating framework remain the same, providing important stability. The five priorities (please read these alongside the revision to the NHS Operating Framework published on 21 June 2010) continue to be:

  • improving cleanliness and reducing healthcare associated infections;
  • improving access through achievement of the 18-week referral to treatment pledge and improving access (including at evenings and weekends) to GP services;
  • keeping adults and children well, improving their health and reducing health inequalities;
  • improving patient experience, staff satisfaction, and engagement; and
  • preparing to respond in a state of emergency such as an outbreak of pandemic flu, learning from our experience of swine flu.

During 2010/11, the NHS must also continue its work to reduce local variation and eliminate poor performance

The Operating Framework is underpinned by the PCT allocations as set last year, the road testing of the new tariff, and informatics planning guidance.

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