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Highways Agency Business Plan 2011-12

The Highways Agency has published its annual Business Plan for 2011-12, setting out how it will operate, maintain and improve the strategic road network in the year ahead.

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HA Flags against sky back ground top feature image 120 x 120 Timetable published for 14 vital road schemes

The timetable for the 14 major Highways Agency schemes due to start construction by 2015 has been published. Work will start on vital improvements to the M62 in West Yorkshire, the M4/M5 around Bristol and on the A23 in West Sussex in the next 12 months.

Roadworks Roadworker Safety

See what we are doing to improve the safety of our roadworkers who are constantly at risk working next to fast moving traffic every day.

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Highways Agency Lifts Roadworks

80 per cent of roadworks completed or suspended until the morning of Tuesday 3 May

The Highways Agency has completed or suspended almost 80 per cent of roadworks on motorways and major A roads, leaving 99 per cent of its road network clear of works until the morning of Tuesday 3 May.

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