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  1. Biofuels statistics

    The latest statistics on Biofuels 

  2. Written Parliamentary Question (Correction)

    Written Statement by Theresa Villiers MP, Minister of State for Transport

    28 April 2011
  3. Transport Business Case

    The Department is committed to being open and transparent. The following pages set out how the Department assesses the business case for major investments and interventions, and supports ministers when they make decisions about them.

  4. Review of decision making in the Department for Transport

    Written Statement by Rt Hon Philip Hammond MP, Secretary of State for Transport.

    27 April 2011
  5. Network Rail (Hitchin (Cambridge Junction)) decision letter

    A letter on behalf of the Secretary of State giving his decision to allow Network Rail to construct and operate a new section of railway to the north of Hitchin Station.

    14 April 2011
  6. Regional and Local data

  7. Investment in Local Major Transport Schemes: Update

    An update on the investment in local transport schemes.

    04 February 2011
    Last update:
    14 April 2011
  8. Regional Transport Statistics

  9. Updating the Value of a Prevented Fatality (VPF) and Values of Prevented Injuries (VPI)

    This report examines the case for revaluation of the Department’s Value for Preventing a Fatality (VPF) or Value for Preventing an Injury (VPI) and, for the components which require revaluation, suggests actions appropriate to achieve this.

    07 April 2011
  10. Notice of Intention to Impose a penalty pursuant to section 57A of The Railways Act 1993

    The Department is consulting rail industry bodies on a proposed penalty of £500,000 on Chiltern Railways.

    Closing date:
    05 May 2011