Living with hay fever

The facts about hay fever

Hay fever is an allergy to pollen that affects around 20% of the British population. Find out how to reduce the symptoms of hay fever, and what the treatments are.

Hay fever tablets

How antihistamines fight the symptoms of hay fever, including advice on how safe they are.

Hay fever and children

How to spot the symptoms of hay fever in children and reduce their exposure to pollen.

Five tips to reduce hay fever symptoms

Your lifestyle can affect how severe your hay fever symptoms are. Here are five easy ways to ease the sneeze.

Hay fever treatments

There are many different treatments for hay fever. Find out which works best for you.

Weather and hay fever

The sun, rain and seasons all affect how much pollen is in the air and how bad your hay fever symptoms are.

Preventing hay fever

How to prevent hay fever and reduce your symptoms, including closing windows and when to stay indoors.

Allergy in the home

Find out how to control your allergy symptoms by reducing the allergens in your home, including house dust mites, pet fur and pollen.

'I cannot run away from my hay fever'

He sprinted his way into the record books, but athlete Marlon Devonish can’t escape his hay fever.


Get ready for summer

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Summer health

Be healthy and safe this summer, throughout heatwaves, barbecues, hay fever, stings and in the swimming pool.


Advice on allergies such as eczema and food allergy, and what treatments are available on the NHS.