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Video: Kidney dialysis

by Caspar on 17 January 2011

A kidney transplant is not suitable for everyone, and lifelong dialysis may be the only option. Head chef Matthew talks about how he juggles his professional and personal life with regular dialysis.
Are your kidneys healthy?

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sukhwinderfoss said on 9 February 2011

Dialysis is the artificial process of getting rid of waste (diffusion) and unwanted water (ultrafiltration) from the blood. This process is naturally done by our kidneys.

my father  was on dialysis and´╗┐ waiting on the list for a kidney and people´╗┐ would tell me "you are type O+ so you should get a kidney fast" but what they don't understand is that O+ is the universal donor so it is great if you are donating but not if you are waiting to receive because it is not a universal recipient. Since O+ can give to anyone it was a 6 year wait for me.

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