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Fog and Fund-raising Goals

by Lottielou5972 on 4 April 2011

Fog, fundraising and goals!




“If you marry a man like your Daddy, you are in such big trouble my girl!” Oh my god I am having conversations with Lottie dog, okay that is not unusual, but forgetting that she is a dog and not human is.  Life has been a bit like that the last few months, my brain, or is it my mind is having an identity crisis almost on a daily basis and roll on 19th April 2011.  Bring it on, can’t wait, well I will have to of course.  So what is so special about 19th April 2011, my latest Open University Course will be over.


So with the latest assignment on my mind it is hardly surprising that my mind is all foggy and I can only view a distance of a few inches, and the horizon seems an impossible goal (Psychologically  of course) Tongue Tied.  Richard is currently next door writing an essay, and I think his horizon is looking a little fuzzy too. At least my study goal ends on the 19th April, Richard doesn’t end his studies until the 24th June, but there are other goals we both have to achieve in the next couple of months.


My goal by the end of June is to lose a stone, though this week I have fallen off the diet wagon, and eaten chocolate biscuits, ice cream and sweeties.  Last week I was a good girl and stuck to my diet and didn’t lose a single pound, and so with the stresses of writing and studying for my latest assignment I am currently munching or is that crunching through pineapple chunks, not the healthy sort.  Richard is undertaking the Beach to Beach bike ride for Asthma UK in May of 140 miles so he is currently training (and losing the weight), and is now managing to cycle 60 miles in one ride.  Well I say managing, there are a lot of moans and groans, creaks and snapping of joints, and plenty of jokes provided by me about tubs of Vaseline and the benefits of wearing proper cycle shorts.  Richard so far has turned down my offers of getting him some cycle shorts on the basis that they leave nothing to the imagination Stick out tongue.   


As part of Richard’s fundraising efforts, I have been collecting sponsorship from neighbours, family and friends.  So far everyone has been really kind and supportive when asked direct but messages via Facebook asking to donate via his just giving page have proved fruitless. Whether this is because people are fed up of being badgered to use these Just Giving pages for various causes or afraid to use this method of giving we don’t know.  Though these aren’t the only ways Richard and I will be raising money, we will also be doing a car boot and Lottie and I for one day only are going to become Wheezie Fairies dressed in lime and purple for a one day street collection in high town, using the motto “Help the Wheezie Fairies become Breathe Eazi Fairies.”  Of course not all Asthma Sufferers wheeze, but I think the slogan sounds good and if it gets people’s attention on the day, great.  For any of you in follow Asthma UK on Facebook I promise to post photos of Lottie dog in her fairy costume.


Asthma wise at the moment I am doing very well, walking a lot with Lottie, and enjoying the current mild weather even when it isn’t dry.  Such a relief to see those dull and cold days of winter gone.  I have had a couple of visits to A & E but thankfully no admissions, and my contact with the local respiratory department has been zero.  Though this hasn’t been by choice, just simply appointments have been cancelled by the local hospital and since my point of contact left the local respiratory department has left, support is now non-existent.  So 4th April shall be interesting when I see the respiratory consultant………………………………………ummmmm!Indifferent


Thanks for reading, sorry to my followers for leaving it so long!


Cheers Katina aka Lottielou5972 Geeked and the Lottie Dog





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