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BBC medical programme - looking for sufferers of chronic back pain & osteoarthritis

by Caspar on 11 April 2011

Hi everyone,

we've been asked to share the call out for participants on a new medical programme being made for the BBC. Details are below:

Oxford Scientific Films is making a pilot medical programme for the BBC.  The show aims to help the British public become healthier and better manage common illnesses such as back pain.

The programme is presented by two experts, one a medical doctor, the other a science professor, who share a private practice together in Harley St. During the programme our experts will examine and treat three patients, and explain the science behind the condition and treatment. 

We are looking for people with chronic back pain or osteoarthritis who may be interested in appearing in the pilot. Our experts would offer them a bespoke personalized treatment programme lasting up to six weeks, and we would follow the course of their treatment in the programme. 

If you are interested in taking part in the programme please contact Davina Bristow at or on 0207 317 1359.


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