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  • hi i know its been a long time since ive blogged but i guess im just ashemed of myself i still havnt lost ive even put five pounds on making me over 12 stones overweight. this is making a massive impact on my mental health problems im a complete loser everyone else can do it but me im like a hoover going around eating whatever i can get my hands on ive stopped buying buiscuits but i just go onto cereal or whatever is in the house with us being a family of five i have to buy some food my portion sizes are all wrong as well its not that i dont know what to do i do its just the doing it thats the problem. i cant exercise because the pain in my back is excruiating aftert just a few minutes walking they never have that problem on trhe tv but my back is putting me in agony you would think that would be a good enough reason but still i cant stop does anyone know what i can do because i do want to try really i do

  • It fitted!

    by Hello Cupcake on 21 April 2011

    I tried my dress on Tuesday and it fitted!  No gaps to be seen anywhere, and it wasn't lumpy or bumpy despite only being laced up on every other loop due to time constrictions.  It's such a buzz to know I've managed to do what I set out to a year ago.  I've not reached the end of the road yet though, I'm still technically a stone overweight so I'm going to keep up my weight loss.  My dress is a lace up back so it won't be a problem if I lose another couple of inches before August.  I really need to keep strong mentally though and not let myself slip back into old habits now I've reached my main objective.  I know you shouldn't weigh yourself everyday, but I was a bit depressed earlier when I found I put on a pound after going for a few drinks last night.  I've just got to keep going and look at the big picture, I'm over 4 stone lighter than I was at my heaviest and I'm not going back!

  • Introducing me!

    by Smileyface on 20 April 2011

    When I saw the tweet that said “Are you trying to lose weight? Become an @NHSChoicesTalk #WeightLoss blogger” I thought “Why not” after all I am trying to lose weight and I do enjoy writing. So I clicked on the link to register my interest. But when it came to which condition do you want to blog about I found myself torn.

    You see about 18 months ago I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes so should I really be blogging about that? And since childhood I have suffered from Asthma. So should it be about that? I am also a carer for my husband who suffers from a whole host of mental and physical ailments. What about that? So you can see my dilemma. But when I think about it I realise that at the root of my problems is the fact that I am overweight. I doubt I would have Diabetes if I wasn’t so overweight. I am sure that my asthma would be almost nonexistent if I carried less weight and... OK well I can’t blame being a carer on being overweight but the fact that I am a carer means that there are other stresses in my life which have an effect on my weight. Anyway, you get the picture.

    So I am trying to lose weight. Actually I have been trying to lose weight since... well I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t on one diet or another. I am 40 now and I’ve never really had much success. Well that’s a lie. When I was 18 I managed to get down into single figures but it wasn’t for very long and since then the best I have managed is a couple of stone. You might think that a couple of stone is good. And for most people it would be. And it’s not that I am not proud of that achievement but you see I am obese. And I am not just obese I am OBESE! I hate that word. It carries such negative connotations. Why don’t we just call it like it is. I am fat. I am very fat. I don’t need to be told that I am fat by every drunk Saturday night reveller or bored commuter who huffs and puffs because I dare to try and squeeze myself into the seat next to them. Do I tell them that they smell of alcohol at 9am or that they could really do with some new deodorant. No I don’t. But people do seem to feel that they can tell fat people that they are fat, as if being fat means that somehow your fat cells go into overdrive and consume your brain cells!

    Anyway, enough rambling for now. Here are my stats:

    Age: 40 (eeek!)

    Height: 5ft 2in

    Weight: 17 stone

    Goal: I am doing the race for life with my 10-year-old daughter in three months (July) and I’d like to start by losing 2 stone before the race. Then we’ll see how it goes!

    Bye for now.

  • Like many people on here I have not done well over the Winter, but I'm back on track and I've done really well over the past couple of weeks.  The sunshine has given me a boost to stop gorging on all the high calorie treats and just stick to my 3 meals a day.  I don't have a problem with eating healthily at set meal times, and I'm careful with my portions, but I don't seem to have an off button when it comes to chocolates or sweets.  I've literally just cut them right out of my diet and so far have lost about 5 lbs in the past couple of weeks.

    I've also borrowed my mother-in-law's wii fit.  I've found it's really good just for doing the odd half hour here and there of light exercise.  It gives me a distraction away from snacking, and makes me do something active when I would otherwise probably be sat on the sofa.  I know it doesn't compare to a workout at the gym, but it's a step in the right direction.  The only thing I don't like about it is the daily body test.  It's fine if you've lost a lb or stayed the same, but if you put on a tiny bit, it demands to know why!  I find that a bit annoying since as we all know our body weight fluctuates by a couple of pounds everyday, and there is no option to select "I just had a large glass of water and haven't had a wee yet!" hehe.

    My wedding dress came in about a month ago and was just a little bit too small.  It has a lace up back and there was a gap of about half an inch.  I'm going back to the dress shop this week to try veils and tiaras.  The sample in the shop is the same size as I ordered so I'm hoping to try it on and see if it closes fully yet.  I'm 2st 5lb lighter than I was this time last year and 4 months to go yet, so as long as I can stay as determined as I am now all should be well!


    The status quo: no, not the rock band. I mean things as they are right now.  I didn't even tune in to the budget because I was scared it might make for depressing listening. There's even talk of a £4 pint of beer. Ouch.

    Anyway, the current economic situation might actually help with the old weight loss project. With vat at whatever rate it is now, it means that a lot of food is now pretty much outwith the reach of my daily budget. Crisps for instance are now reaching silly prices - (anything over a penny a gram is too much). And sweets, and (my favourite) Lucozade. What used to be a daily indulgence is now unaffordable.

    By my calculations, a daily Lucozade, bag of crisps and bag of sweets or Snickers bar would cost over two quid - and over £60 a month. or £720 a year. That, my friends, is too much.

    Maybe the time to come will be a bit like the austerity/ dig for victory era, where we all grow marrows and make them into watery soup for dinner, to be eaten accompanied by a solitary Jacob's cream cracker and a small cup of refreshing tapwater. And the main meal of the festive season will be a a tin of chicken meat with frozen peas, and a tangerine for afters. 

    Ok, so that's an exaggeration. I think though that cuts, taxes and the general downsize vibe means that a lot of priorities are going to change for a lot of people as the new shape of the UK starts to emerge from the dust cloud of transition. Things that I predict will happen over the next while:

    Any obesity or overweight trending will be arrested or reversed, or at least move in the right direction. (Hopefully my belly will be one of the ones to get downsized!)

    Gym memberships will become a more competitive area in terms of gym companies' pricing. How many of us would *love* to join a gym and do an early morning swim each day but just can't afford the outlay?

    More and more people will use their bikes for short urban journeys to save on petrol and public transport costs. Although given the amoun of hills in the UK, we won't turn into a cycling nation like the Dutch any time soon :(

    And I also predict that we'll see more uptake of medical insurance - especially in cases where waiting lists grow, since most of us wouldn't mind waiting a few weeks, when weeks run into months it's adifferent story.

    Sadly, my crystal ball is unclear about young people and exercise. In my day we were all whippet thin, tree climbing, football playing, cycling and sometimes even orienteering in our spare time. Video games weren't as ubiquitous as they are now, and apart from Grange Hill, the television wasn't much of a pastime. We weren't active because of any fitness piety or health evangelism - we just didn't have anything else to do. Perhaps one day the video games (such as we're beginning to see with some of the consoles) will provide a virtual space for tree climbing and football. We live in hope...

    As for my own weight loss journey, the cold winter was definitely a bit of a setback - when the temperature was minus 10 it was all I could do to crank up the heating and eat loads of pies. Now, suddenly the sun's shining again and I'm getting off the train a stop early to walk the rest of the way, eating healthy fish and veg or salad for tea, and enjoying the onset of summer. 

    My target weight is 12.5 stones, with the date set for 25th Dec this year. Progress is slow, but determination is constant. I will get there, I reckon. It's largely a matter of staying positive. Am also considering buying a hypnosis CD - if anyone reading this has had positive results from one of these, please let me know in the comments.

    Until next time - 

    Peace and health to you all.






  • There are no excuses - over the last few months ive been neglecting both my fitness and posting on my NHS Choices blog. But i am now back and in a position to explain myself! As always, working (and home) life has been rather frantic since the pre-christmas period. Getting energy to be 'active' was very difficult - it was so grim at some points that i felt that i was affected slightly by Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD (this post explains it).  I did however, have quite an active January as i was lucky enough to travel to Canada (Whistler) and do some Skiing. I took this picture which you may like: 

    Blackcomb snowboarder

    Incidentally, you can see more of my pictures on my Flickr page.

    I have to make it clear at this point that i was/am very much a novice at the sport of skiing - infact, i only started with some lessons in November at an indoor ski centre. I also must admit that i found skiing to be one of the most difficult things ive ever done both mentally and physically - it really brought home to me how poor my general level of fitness was, and also highlighted how few of my muscles are in decent condition - as most people will tell you, the first couple of days of your skiing holiday can play havok with your calves and hamstrings (the boots are very heavy). Aside from all of this, Whistler (and Canada in general, including Vancouver) is a fantastic place to visit and i would recommend it to anyone, as for Skiing - i managed to progess quite a bit in the time i was there - will i ever take to the slopes again? At this point i really don't know. 

    So, looking ahead to the Spring/Summer here in the UK - what are my fitness and weight loss plans (oops, ive been here before, planning ahead!)? Well, i think mentioned last year that i was giving up running as i felt that it was damaging my leg muscles running on tarmac. However, ive decided to give it another shot as its by far the most conveinent method of achieving a decent level of fitness, ill start off quite gently and see how my body reacts. Im also very keen to get back on my mountain bike again - which i haven't managaed to do since last November (albeit the Winter was very harsh again this year). Ive fitted clipless pedals to my bike and hopefully i can learn to use these as quickly as possible.

    I also plan to use this blog alot more! Ive been very encouraged with some of the comments ive recieved.

  • The bunny effect

    by Travenner on 14 March 2011

    In February when the year of the bunny came in, I started really well after falling off the wagon. I wrote lists and I actually organised myself - I planned meals and I was pretty good at not bringing in the junkfood home. I even made started experimenting on low cal 'treats' despite the fact that most recipes called for mushed up bananas!!! A couple of weeks ago, my energy levels dipped and I was back to zero and this sunday was a good (or rather a very bad) example - I think I ate everything that was not nailed down. Does anyone else do this? Mindlessly eating everything? The scales rather depressingly told me that I have put on a least 6/7 pounds. So I am re-starting again. My plan is that by the year of the dragon, I will have lost at least 2/3 stones and fit into my cute strippy sailor pants.

    I'm also debating whether to turn vegetarian for the duration but I find that my IBS does limit my net of 'safe' foods to consume. Has anyone here given up meat to lose weight? Does anyone have any good recipes?

    Take care all, and be safe!  

  • back from the holidays

    by torchwood fan on 28 February 2011

    well im back and ive put on 5 pounds how can i put so much on in 1 week although i know i stuffed myself so i guess i deserve it i feel like blogging on this site is becoming a waste of time its supposed to be weight loss not put on but thats all i seem to do im now at the heaviest i have ever been and im stuck in a rut i suppose.i need to have some will power but i guess im just so fat and ugly im getting past caring i know i was happier when i had got down to 15 stones which i know is still really heavy but that was 3 to 4 years ago now.

    im going to try again im going to see my nurse at the gp surgery and see if they will weigh me again once a week.ive got some tablets from them they are suppossed to take away 20% of the fat in your food sorry i just cant remember the name but i will try them again. i guess when i work really hard at it all week and just loose a pound when ive all that to loose its hardly worth it is it with all the medication slowing down my metabolism i feel like a lost going to start a dairy as well to see how that goes and see if i eat more than i think

    well i suppose im full of good intensions but i suppose i can try cant i

    ive remembered its called orlistat the tablets they gave me

  • So I thought I would post a few things which have worked for me over the years and hoping everyone will add any tips they find useful and helpful. I will probably update it with ideas for meals, eating out and snacks as I go along.

    1. Buy a kitchen scale and weigh everything cereal (always a shocker to see how easy it is to over portion your cereal) oats, pasta, rice, meats. I try and weigh everything regularly as I find that even though I get used to knowing what an average portion should be I get complacent when I stop weighing and it starts to creep up!

    •  Average portion sizes are
    • 60g dry pasta and rice (best to establish your portion size and calories from a dry portion and cooked versions are never accurate as it depends how long you cook it for and how much water it absorbs)
    • 40g dry oats
    • 30g cereal
    • 150g Chicken Breast, 120g red meats
    • 150g - 200g Potatoes

    2. Keep an accurate food Journal - MyPlate with livestrong, FitDay, or simply writing it down in a little diary helps you recognise certain eating patterns, but you have to be honest with yourself and list every little thing you eat or nibble on - it can be quite a surprise how much the little things like a squirt of ketchup, a biscuit, the odd yogurt or slice of cheese etc all add up over the course of a day.

    3. Preparation preparation preparation.

     On a Sunday evening I:

    • -Make a tomatoe based sauce which I blend and use in pasta, soups, veggies, fish, little pizza muffins or pizza wraps etc
    • -Put a bunch of parsley and a few cloves of garlic in a food processor and use that with veggies, chicken, fish etc
    • -Freeze little portions of homemade curry paste - comprising of tumeric, garlic, ginger, grinded corriander, cumin and mustard seeds with some tomatoe paste
    • - Boil a few portions of brown pasta, rice and veggies.

    4. Plan your day the night before: List what you are going to have for breakfast, lunch, snacks inbetween and prepare it all the night before- that way it's easier to stick to your diet, you're 3/4 of the way there and only have to worry about dinner. 

    5. Incorporate vegetables into every meal and if you are hungry inbetween reach for a piece of fruit like apples, pears, kiwi's, melons, peachs and nectarines, berries and citrus fruit but try and limit high sugared fruits like bananas, grapes to one serving a day.

    6. Be very careful when eating out - a lot of restaurant and coffee shop chains publish their nutrient values on their websites - so a little bit of research will go a long way in helping you make accurate decisions and choices - sometimes what you assume is the 'healthy option' can have more than half a days calories in a small serving.

    7. If you're struggling make small changes - sometimes an immediate diet overhaul makes it less likely that you will stick to it - think of it as a lifestyle change instead of a 'diet' and make small changes each week i.e:

    • -week one - swap your chocolate or high sugared cereal for oats or a boiled egg and toast
    • - Week two -  swap your latte for a 'skinny' version and replace your morning or afternoon biscuits with a piece of fruit or a low fat cheese wedge and slice of ryvita or oat biscuit
    • - Week three - make your own healthy packed lunches etc etc

    8. Avoid quick weight loss methods like meal replacements (which are usually high in sugar) or anything which restricts you to certain eating patterns or only certain types of foods. The only thing which works for long term weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight is sticking with proper healthy foods

  • i decided to right this instead of eating the fruit cake in the kitchen i made it because because i was bored but know im the only one eating it so my weight going up pound by pound so ive only lost four pounds now.   in a week im going to scotland for a weeks all inclusive holiday but everyone sits down at the same time and i have to choose from the 3 course meals how can i resist. so ive failed to loose the weight but im going to try to loose even a couple of pounds this week then try after i come back i suppose i wont be binging while im away at least. im very depressed about it  i just seem to constantly fail i know its me that puts it in my mouth and ive made myself morbidly obese by constant binging but i dont know who i can turn too for help im desperate for help and im hoping the week away will help me think about it for when i get home when id lost 8 pounds i was really pleased with myself.unfortunatly ive got borderline personallity disorder and being happy about anything never lasts and possitive thinking dosent exist but i know i cant do this alone ive tried weight w i lost a stone but the lady lefti liked and now i cant afford to go anyway i really need a gastric band i cant afford to go private and they turned me down on the NHS because i have BPD any ideas from anyone

  • Start of week two

    by v1s4s1 on 08 February 2011

    So this weekend I was away with work on a course & totally over indulged, the scales are not my friend.

    Today is a new week & went for a run this morning & was quite good with my food allowance, however I made french onion soup last night that called for some white wine... now having a large glass to use it up so it doesn't go to waste.

    Hmmmm, tomorrow is a new day & then all the wine will be gone so I should stay on track!


    Until the next time


  • i had lost 8 pounds and i was proud of myself i could see all the weight dropping off me and i would be slim yes slim my clothes were going to fit me until- yes you know what i going to say i fell of the wagon and in 3 days somehow i have put on 4 pounds i didnt think i had been that bad i thought i would just stay the same .to be totally honest im heartbroken about it i really wanted to be down to 21 stone for my holiday witch is now only 11 days away now i have no chance and im just going to look horrible and fat as always i would have been happy if i could have fastened the seat belt but i wont be able to do started with a piece of cake and then i couldnt stop now its 4 days later and im still binging all the time i know i just need some confidence but i dont have any i wondered about getting some laxitives there suppossed to help you loose weight i know its the wrong way but im desperate any ideas


  • New Year, Same Struggle

    by Hello Cupcake on 06 February 2011

    It's actually just shocked me to realise my last post was 2 months ago, and I think I have shifted a grand total of 2 pounds.  Christmas was a bit of a disaster, I lost all that motivation I was looking for in my last post, and only found it again a couple of weeks ago.  I was trying to ignore the fact my clothes weren't fitting properly and I wasn't being strict on my food intake, but eventually plucked up the courage to step on the scales and found I was 13st 8lb!  In a way it was good because it has given me the shock I needed and I am back on track.  I'm still giving in occassionally to the odd biscuit of chocolate here and there, but I figure if I want to keep the weight off I can't avoid things like that forever because it will be unsustainable. 

    This morning I was really happy to find I'm down to 12st 12lb, so I've broken the 13st barrier!  My wedding dress is due in any day now so I'm determined it will fit.  I've definitely noticed a difference around my waist, and on Friday the trousers I had been wearing because my others were too tight were almost falling down.

    I'm just going to keep on with the smaller portions, healthy choices etc. and hopefully I can reach my size 12 goal.

  • ive just got so long to go

    by torchwood fan on 02 February 2011

    hi im sure i did a blog the other day but it hasnt turned up so maybe its hiding somewere and i pressed the wrong key.ive started dieting again its just that with 11 stone to go i just dont know how to get motovated all the medication im on for borderline personallity disorder and massive bouts of comfort eating have left me a complete mess although some good news ive lost 8 pounds now in about 4 weeks. ive now got under 3 weeks to my holiday in scotland im pretty sure i wont need the swimming costume so i need to put my diet into action fast ideally id like to loose all the 11 stone  before i go but i dont think its possible so im trying for 7 pounds id like to be under 21 stone for when i go.last year i couldnt fasten the seat belt on the coach which left me really embaressed.this is my final effort so it has to work my weight has been a problem with me all my life. i cant go out walking because of the pain in my back and i tried for the kirklees weight programme but im not mentally stable enough even though im sure i would feel better without all the weight.

    i spent most of my time on my own because of BPD {see my mental health blogs} and my embarressment of peoples comments because im so big so this year is my last for trying im 45 now and i feel my life is just passing me by i hate shopping for clothes so i do it all on the internet but when your so big you dont look good in anything so if you have succeded let me know im really in need of support right now

  • worst day yet

    by Semper ad Meliora on 02 February 2011

    Today I am really struggling.

    I'm 21 and have roughly 100lbs to lose. It just seems impossible. I feel so embarrassed whenever i leave the house and I am failing everytime i try to do something about it.

    I don't like being fat, i don't like what it has done to my relationships with my boyfriend, family or friends. I had another heart breaking conversation with my boyfriend last night as i was good looking and slim when we got together 5 years ago and now im discustingly fat. He's right, the way i look does affect him, it is just as embarrassing for him if not more, becuase lets be honest when you see a good looking bloke walking down the road with a fat girl, you get judgemental. right? It brings his status down. Plus my mum has always hated the way i look even when i wasn't overweight she insisted i was. And now i've pushed my friends away as i feel like a total loser.

    I want to change, so so badly. But why cant i? Why am i failing everytime? I am weak, but need to change that as i can't go on like this forever. Has anyone else been in the situation? How did you get out of this pattern? Im driving myself insane here.

    Sory for the negativity, i'll try and be a bit more positive next time.

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