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Poxy Easter!

by alexis green on 26 April 2011

What a fun way to spend Easter! Sophie is covered in chicken pox, I have my suspicions over where and who she contracted it from Hmm

After managing to keep the girls entertained everyday over the easter hols we were planning a weekend away, both as a reward for them being good and a treat for us, so left on Good Friday to visit Chatsworth house, had a great time, helped by the rubber duck hunt in the house to keep them both entertained then travelled further north to Manchester and stayed overnight. Saturday morning I noticed a huge blister on Sophie's chest but wasn't sure as that was the only one whether it was pox or her new dress had been rubbing. We spent the day shopping and body watching as gradually more and more spots appeared, so we called it a day and started on the long journey home.

Its now day 4 and since yesterday no more spots have appeared, the first are just about beginning to develop the crust though not all of them are fluid filled, not sure if thats the norm? Not an expert on chicken pox, last time I encountered it I was 7 years old and they were on me. She is being very good by not scratching but she says they aren't itchy. She has lots on her back and I mean a LOT and plenty on her face, she is a cab picker so hope she leaves thm alone so her pretty fac doesn't scar. I couldn't find calamine in the chemist so instead am using this really good product called virasoothe, its a clear gel, reminds me a bit of aloe vera aftersn actually and we keep it in the fridge so its extra soothing when applied. Tbh, have no idea how long pox lasts so need to read up, hope my assumption of once the last spot has scabbedd over its no longer contagious it correct, although as not all are blisters but just spots not sure how thats going to work out. Apart from being rather sleepy, pox doesn't seem to be overly affecting her.

So far Chloe is pox free, although she does have a little red mark on her tummy that may be the beginnings of a spot or just a mark, its inevitable she will get it! Already they are both victims of cabin fever and the weather has turned cold so they've not wanted to play outside. Helping with the housework was todays fun game.

I'm still all in a tizzy over school and nursery, think Chloe may be sorted, now the schools are open, I've been able to speak to the lady who runs nursery and arrange for Chloe to start in September possibly until 3pm but that needs to be confirmed. I'm still angry over Sophie's school allocation but no longer bursting into tears each time I think about it, and feel more angry each time I think about it.

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Donnabird said on 26 April 2011

Hi there, sounds like you're having a bit of a hard time lately.  Hope it all works out for you in the end.  Chicken pox I believe has an incubation period of 10-14 days.  This link should help with more info

Your younger daughter may not get chicken pox, I am one of 7 children and when I was a child, we all got chicken pox except for one of my sisters, you would have thought we all would have had it, but although my mum didn't keep us apart (as we were all bound to get it) my sister never got chicken pox.

Hope the school issues get sorted, good luck with that, and keep your chin up.

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