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Next stage coming up

by JaneB from Sussex on 30 April 2011

Dear Everyone, I hope you are all keeping on top of your COPD, especially now that the warmer weather is with us.  Thought I would report back to you following my pulmonary rehab course which came to an end recently.  It was really very good but I had to keep my oxygen on constant (4) as the levels quickly decreased once I started on those exercises.   It certainly made me realise how dreadfully unfit I had become.   I guess I was the youngest one in our group so this made me more determined to do well.  There were only two of us using oxygen, but by the end of the course it had become apparent that there were some who were close to needing it as well.  It was definitely beneficial in that it gave me more confidence and encouraged me to stay as active as is reasonably possible.   I picked up some good advice too.  In particular I now make a conscious effort to breathe correctly, i.e. through the nose and then out through pursed lips.  Also when bending down to put on socks or pick anything up, it's much better to do this when exhaling.   So, yes it's definitely worth attending this course if any of you get the chance.   

So, having completed all the necessary tests locally, I have now been booked in at Papworth Hospital for further tests and discussions when a final decision will be made about going onto a transplant waitiing list.   Whilst the very thought fills me with much fright, to think of the alternative is not very nice either, so I am going to try my best to keep thinking positively and let everything take its course.  This could turn out to be easier said than done!!

Meantime, I am doing as much as possible to get out in this lovely weather, whether its picnics,  just sitting in the woods listening to birdsong, pub lunches or fish and chips on the seafront, it's all good stuff and I appreciate every minute of it.   We are also going to the theatre one evening next week which will make a lovely change.  

Your comments about the electric fan Tad were really interesting.  I always have a fan on my bedside cabinet, in fact, have just bought a new smaller one.   Even with the window open I sometimes get so hot in bed so the fan is such a relief -  its nice to know that as well as keeping me cool it could also be doing my breathing good!

Will blog again shortly but for now I wish for you all lots of good days.

All the best, Jane





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