Emergency Responder Interoperability – Common Map Symbols

The UK does not currently have a single, common standard for map symbols for emergency responder organisations, which handicaps multi-agency working and creates scope for confusion.

Civil Contingencies Secretariat in the Cabinet Office, working with MOD and Ordnance Survey has created a set of common map symbols, linked to the common terminology of the Civil Protection Lexicon, to promote interoperability between emergency responders. Following earlier joint working with emergency responders, Government Departments and the Devolved Administrations, the symbol set is being released for wider consultation.

The consultation period is 9th March to 16th April.

Completed response templates should be emailed to robert.macfarlane@cabinet-office.x.gsi.gov.uk with COMMON SYMBOLOGY in the subject line.


Background paper setting out the context and presents the draft symbol set
File type: PDF - Portable Document format | File size: 1.88 MB
Template to record comments on the draft symbol set
File type: Microsoft Word | File size: 77.00 kB

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Publication date: 3/3/2011

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