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In March 2010, the Civil Contingencies Secretariat launched a public consultation on a package of draft documents about community resilience. The draft documents were produced as a result of work with a range of stakeholder groups since November 2008. These included members of the public, local and national voluntary agencies, businesses, emergency responders and government departments.

The consultation closed on 1 July 2010. The finalised documents have now been published and are available at

The Government Response to this consultation can be found below.


In Winter 2008/9, the Civil Contingencies Secretariat held a series of three national consultative workshops. Nearly three hundred individuals attended the workshops, representing around two hundred organisations. These included individual members of the public, representatives from a wide range of groups including Parish and Town councils, Neighbourhood Watch, charities such as Disaster Action, the National Federation of Women's Institutes, as well as the emergency services, local authorities, utility companies and other government departments.

These two day workshops were made up of presentations and facilitated sessions. For the facilitated sessions, delegates were asked to debate a number of key issues relating to community resilience. The concepts tested have been used to develop the government’s policy and resources on community resilience.

The outputs are published below as conveyed by delegates at the workshops and do not reflect the views of the Civil Contingencies Secretariat.


Community Resilience Programme – Government Response to the consultation held in 2010
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Community Resilience Stakeholder Consultation Outputs – 2008/9
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Publication date: 7/3/2011

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