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Driver CPC: when and how to take periodic training

As a bus, coach or lorry driver you need to hold a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC) to drive professionally. Throughout your driving career you will need to complete periodic training courses. Find out what you'll be doing in your training and where courses are held.

What your Driver CPC periodic training will involve

Watch a video about Driver CPC periodic training

Periodic training is designed to:

  • complement your work
  • be relevant to your everyday job
  • keep you up to date with changes in regulations

There is no test to pass and courses can be practical or classroom based.

Course subjects may include:

  • eco-safe and fuel efficient driving
  • defensive driving techniques
  • first aid
  • health and safety
  • drivers' hours rules
  • using tachographs

Read more about Driver CPC on Business Link

More about what Driver CPC periodic training involves

By visiting the Business Link website you can find out more about:

  • what's covered in Driver CPC periodic training
  • what's in the Driver CPC training syllabus
  • how your training is recorded

When to take your Driver CPC periodic training

Keep your Driver CPC

You must do 35 hours of periodic training every five years to keep driving professionally

It's up to you to decide:

  • which courses you attend
  • when you attend them

However, you must do 35 hours of periodic training every five years to be able to drive professionally.

When the five-year period to take your training starts

Each five-year period starts from when your current Driver CPC qualification runs out - not from the date you completed your 35 hours training.

There's no benefit in delaying your periodic training - the sooner you train, the sooner your knowledge and skills will be updated and refreshed.

If you drive both lorries and buses professionally

You only need to complete one set of training every five years if you have a licence to drive both large goods vehicles and passenger carrying vehicles.

How to find periodic training courses

Only approved courses taken with approved training centres will count towards periodic training.

The Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training (JAUPT) approves courses on behalf of the Driving Standards Agency (DSA).

If you have Driver CPC by 'acquired rights'

If you are an existing professional driver, you will have gained valuable experience in your work. You will have 'acquired rights' for five years, meaning that you will be deemed to have Driver CPC. This applies to you if you are a:

  • bus or coach driver and got your vocational licence (D, D1, D+E and D1+E) before 10 September 2008
  • lorry driver and got your vocational licence (C, C1, C+E and C1+E) before 10 September 2009

However, you must do 35 hours of periodic training by:

  • 9 September 2013 if you are a bus or coach driver
  • 9 September 2014 if you are a lorry driver

Licences where you don't have 'acquired rights'

You don't have 'acquired rights' if you have a D, D1, D+E or D1+E licence with 'not for hire or reward' on it. You will have to take the Driver CPC initial qualification to drive professionally, and then do periodic training. 

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