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Enhanced Rider Scheme for motorcyclists

Become a better rider by taking training to improve your riding skills. Talk to a professional trainer about taking the Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS). As well as improving your skills, you can also get insurance discounts with the majority of motorcycle insurance brokers.

About the ERS

The ERS is an assessment and training designed for fully licensed motorcyclists who have passed their test. It’s ideal for you if you:

  • have just passed your test
  • are returning to riding after a break
  • are upgrading to a more powerful motorcycle
  • want a health check on your riding

Finding and choosing a trainer

To get started you need to book an assessment with one of the expert trainers from the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) register of post-test motorcycle trainers.

Trainers on the register:

  • are experienced
  • have demonstrated they have the skills to provide quality training
  • are checked regularly to make sure they maintain a high standard

The cost of taking the ERS will vary from provider to provider, and often from rider to rider, dependent on individual needs. Talk to your local trainers to find the best choice for you.

The ERS assessment

The ERS assessment will identify your main strengths and weaknesses. There’s:

  • no test involved
  • no ‘pass’ or ‘fail’
  • no way you can lose your licence

If your riding skills are good enough, the process ends there. You’ll be:

  • issued with a ‘DSA Certificate of Competence - Enhanced Rider Bonus’
  • eligible for an insurance discount

If you need training

Watch videos about people who have done the ERS

If you do need training, your trainer will:

  • prepare a personalised training plan for you
  • concentrate on specific areas that need attention – it’s not a ‘one size fits all’ approach

You do as little or as much training as you need - mostly to help reduce key risk areas in on-road riding, such as:

  • bend negotiation
  • overtaking
  • filtering
  • positioning
  • junctions

Once you've done your training, you'll get:

  • a report about your riding
  • a ‘DSA Certificate of Competence - Enhanced Rider Bonus’, which then qualifies you for an insurance discount

Claiming an insurance discount

Once you’ve got your ‘DSA Certificate of Competence - Enhanced Rider Bonus’, contact one of the insurers below to get a full quote, stating the name of the certificate.

The majority of motorcycle insurance companies offer discounts to riders who hold the certificate.

The brokers and direct insurers sponsoring this scheme are:

  • AA Insurance
  • Bennett’s Insurance
  • AXA
  • Bikesure
  • Carole Nash
  • Chandler Direct
  • Chaucer Insurance
  • CIA insurance
  • Devitt
  • Direct Choice Insurance
  • E Bike
  • Equity Red Star
  • Express Insurance
  • Groupama
  • Hastings Direct
  • Highway
  • KGM
  • Lexham
  • Link/ Zenith
  • MCE Insurance
  • Motorcycle Direct
  • NIG
  • Norwich Union
  • Norwich Union Direct
  • Premium Choice
  • Rampdale
  • Royal & Sun Alliance
  • Swinton Insurance

Provided by the Driving Standards Agency

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