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Housing - Spending Review

  • Published: Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The government has announced a number of reforms to social housing and changes to how social housing is financed. It plans to invest £6.5 billion in housing over the Spending Review period. The government says up to 150,000 homes will be made available, including those that come from social housing reforms.

Investment and reform

In the Spending Review, the government has announced reforms to the housing system, including:

  • a programme to deliver up to 150,000 new affordable homes over the Spending Review period
  • major reforms to create a more flexible system that offers fairer intermediate rents and is more responsive to changing household needs
  • improvements to the existing housing stock through the Decent Homes programme
  • reform of the planning system, including a New Homes Bonus Scheme to incentivise local authorities to promote housing growth

The terms for existing social tenants and their rent levels will remain unchanged. New tenants will be offered intermediate rents at around 80 per cent of the market rent.

Support for those who need it

The government has announced that support for the vulnerable will be relatively protected, with:

  • the Disabled Facilities Grant rising with inflation
  • homelessness grants frozen at current levels
  • over £6 billion for the Supporting People programme over the Spending Review period

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