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Implementation Steering Group

An Implementation Steering Group (ISG) was established to drive the delivery of Government ICT across workstrands, on behalf of the CIO Council. The ISG portfolio manages and assures interdependencies, workstrand reporting, risks to strategy delivery and overall benefits realisation.

Wed, 17/11/2010

Public Sector Information Architecture

An Information Architecture is vital to ensuring that information and data can flow across government to provide seamless, efficient, secure and trusted services. It also provides opportunities for the reuse of non-personal public data, helping to fuel innovation.

Tue, 05/10/2010

Designing URI Sets for the UK Public Sector

This document defines the design considerations and guidance by which UK public sector Universal Resource Identifier (URI) sets should be developed and maintained. They are designed both to encourage those that definitively own reference data to make it available for re-use, and to give those that have data that could be linked, the confidence to re-use a URI set that is not under their direct control.

Tue, 05/10/2010

Public Sector ICT

Over the past 10 years, the pace at which technology is changing the world has accelerated beyond all expectations. Desktop computers have spread into every office in the country and the verb ‘to google’ has even made it into the Oxford English Dictionary.

Mon, 04/10/2010


The Government ICT applies to all of the UK public sector, whether central government, local government, wider public sector or devolved administration.

Mon, 04/10/2010

Chief Technology Officer Council

Following the successful format of the CIO Council, the CTO Council was formed at the end of 2005, to bring together CTOs from across the public sector.  They created the principal intergovernmental forum, tasked with improving government practices related to the design, interoperability, development, modernisation, use, reuse, sharing, performance and efficient use of IT resources.

Mon, 04/10/2010

The Chief Information Officers Council

What is clear to each and every member of the CIO Council is that our public services are hugely complex to deliver, and we concluded that we simply cannot transform complex, joined up, national services without sustained investment in information technology. There are few if any comparable private sector systems as large or complex as those we face.

Mon, 04/10/2010

Data centre consolidation

There are currently around 130 data centres in central Government and hundreds more across the wider public sector. The Government is currently considering proposals for reducing the number of data centres to an optimum number of secure, efficient, resilient services by 2020.

Mon, 04/10/2010

The Application Store for Government

The Government is currently considering proposals to develop an Applications Store for Government, which will be an online marketplace for business solutions, encouraging the sharing and reuse of online services across the public sector. Rather than create bespoke solutions each time a requirement is identified, reuse will become the norm.

Mon, 04/10/2010

Shared services

We will rationalise HR, finance and procurement delivery and by making better use of current technology such as Enterprise Resource Planning platforms. By 2020, Shared Services will be provided via the Government Application Store and Government Cloud.

Mon, 04/10/2010

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