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National security vetting

The Cerberus e-veting system has been developed on behalf of the national security community and will deliver a faster, more effective and efficient national security vetting system.

The benefits of the system are predicted on the use of intelligent, user friendly electronic security questionnaires. For those customers who are unable to use the e-portal and e-form in the first instance, the series of hard copy security questionnaires (NSV001-004) found below should be used.

Tue, 15/03/2011

National security and intelligence structure study

A study has been launched to look at maximising the effectiveness of the central national security and intelligence structures in light of the creation of the National Security Council. Conclusions of the review will be published in Summer 2011.


Fri, 28/01/2011

National Intelligence Machinery

Information on the what the United Kingdom’s Intelligence machinery comprises.

Fri, 19/11/2010

Threat Levels: The System to Assess the Threat from International Terrorism

This document aims to explain what the UK Threat levels are and how they are used.

Wed, 26/07/2006

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