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Better Choices: Better Deals

The strategy document, Better Choices: Better Deals, by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills and the Cabinet Office’s Behavioural Insights Team

Wed, 13/04/2011

UK Government ICT Strategy resources

The Government’s ICT strategy will deliver better public services for less cost.  Through reuse and sharing of our ICT assets, we will improve productivity and efficiency, reduce waste and the likelihood of project failure. 

Wed, 30/03/2011

Growing the Social Investment Market: A vision and strategy

A new strategy to grow the social investment market giving charities and social enterprises access to new, potentially multi-billion pound, capital

Mon, 14/02/2011

G-Cloud Programme - Phase 2

In October 2009, following approval from the CIO Council, a team led by the Cabinet Office set out to define how the public sector could utilise the Cloud Computing approach to ICT delivery and explore what benefits and challenges this approach would create. This became known as Phase 2 of the G-Cloud Programme.

Mon, 07/02/2011

Giving Green Paper

The Giving Green Paper sets out the Government’s initial ideas for building a stronger culture of giving time and money to start a national debate on our society’s attitude to giving. This is not a conventional green paper.

Wed, 29/12/2010

Pre-qualification questionaire sift guidance for National Citizen Service Evaluation

Pre-qualification questionaire sift guidance for National Citizen Service Evaluation

Wed, 08/12/2010

Evaluation of National Citizen Service - Description of requirements

The Office for Civil Society (OCS) and Department for Education (DfE) wish to commission an evaluation of the 2011 and 2012 NCS pilots to assess the success of the pilots in meeting the programme aims and to provide robust data to inform future decisions on NCS.

Fri, 26/11/2010

Pre-qualification questionaire for Evaluation of National Citizen Service

To be read in conjunction with the Pre-qualification questionaire Sift Guidance

Fri, 26/11/2010

The Strategic Defence and Security Review - Securing Britain in an Age of Uncertainty

The Strategic Defence and Security Review, which sets out how the Government will go about securing Britain in an age of uncertainty. It is the first time that a UK government has taken decisions on its defence, security, intelligence, resilience, development and foreign affairs capabilities in the round, setting out the delivery of the ends set out in the National Security Strategy

Tue, 19/10/2010

The National Security Strategy - A Strong Britain in an Age of Uncertainty

The National Security Strategy and the Strategic Defence and Security Review mark a step-change in the UK’s ability to protect its security and advance its interests in the world. This Strategy describes how – in an age of uncertainty – we need the structures in place to allow us to react quickly and effectively to new and evolving threats to our security.

Mon, 18/10/2010

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