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Strategic Partners Transition programme - Equality Impact Assessment

An equality impact assessment involves assessing the likely or actual effects of policies or services on people in respect of disability, gender and racial equality. It helps us to make sure the needs of people are taken into account when we develop and implement a new policy or service or when we make a change to a current policy or service.

Wed, 23/03/2011

Growing the Social Investment Market: A vision and strategy

A new strategy to grow the social investment market giving charities and social enterprises access to new, potentially multi-billion pound, capital

Mon, 14/02/2011

Government, Voluntary and Community sector agree new Compact for working in partnership

A renewed Compact, the agreement which governs relations between the Government and civil society organisations in England, has been published today by Nick Hurd, Minister for Civil Society and Simon Blake, Chair of Compact Voice, the organisation which represents civil society organisations on the Compact.

Tue, 14/12/2010

Modernising Commissioning Green Paper

Increasing the role of charities, social enterprises, mutuals and cooperatives in public service delivery.

Tue, 07/12/2010

Francis Maude speech unveiling new support for mutuals

Speech by Minister for the Cabinet Office Francis Maude at the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea unveiling new support for public service mutuals, building on the Government’s Pathfinder programme.

Wed, 17/11/2010

Big Society strategy to support charities, voluntary groups and social enterprises.

The first step towards helping civil society organisations grasp new opportunities arising from the massive devolution of power to local communities and reform of public services that underpins the Big Society.

Thu, 14/10/2010

Open letter to the voluntary, community and social enterprise sectors

Open letter from Minister for the Cabinet Office Francis Maude and Minister for Civil Society Nick Hurd, to the voluntary, community and social enterprise sectors asking them to contribute their ideas to help reduce the deficit.

Thu, 29/07/2010

Big Society Programme

We want to give citizens, communities and local government the power and information they need to come together, solve the problems they face and build the Britain they want.

Tue, 18/05/2010

Charity law and regulation

The Cabinet Office is responsible for charity law in England and Wales – making sure that the legal framework, helps charities to develop their activities and services and play an increasing role for good in society and gives confidence to the public about the integrity of charities.

We also look at cutting red tape for charities – monitoring new legislation and encouraging, changes to existing legislation and good regulatory practice, to ensure that regulation of organisations is fair and proportionate.

Fri, 07/05/2010

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