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Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL): Improving behaviour, improving learning

Whole-school SEAL

The Social and Emotional Aspect of Learning (SEAL) materials are designed to provide a whole-school approach to promoting social, emotional and behavioural skills. The materials provide a range of resources that can be used across the whole primary school.

These resources include a set of high-quality photographs to illustrate a number of emotions, a set of posters and other ideas for promoting SEAL across the school. The following resources can be found in the attached files.

Whole-school resources

  • Working together self-review checklists
  • Feelings detective poster
  • Problem-solving poster
  • Peaceful problem-solving poster
  • Assertiveness poster
  • ‘Are we ready for circle time?’ poster
  • ‘The fight’ poster
  • Emotional barometer resource sheet
  • Feelings fan resource sheet
  • Ways to calm down resource sheet
  • Fireworks poster
  • Feelings, thoughts, behaviour resource sheet
  • 80 photocards with different emotions
  • interactive texts in presentations
  • a list of useful books for children, linked to the themes
  • words for core feelings
  • music for different moods
  • a whole-school booklist
  • Identikit – an interactive program which allows you to select different eyes and mouths to create expressions on a face.

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