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V. Abrarinov   The Murderers of Katyn (New York, 1993)
N. Davies   Heart of Europe: A Short History of Poland (Oxford, 2001)
Deutsche Informationsstelle   Amtliches Material zum Massenmord von Katyn (Berlin, 1943)
L. FitzGibbon   The Katyn Cover-Up (London, 1972)
  Katyn: Unpitied and Unknown (London, 1975)
  The Katyn Memorial (London, 1977)
S. Kot   Conversations with the Kremlin and Despatches from Russia (London, 1963)
A. Paul   Katyn: Stalin's Massacre and the Seeds of Polish Resurrection (Annapolis, Maryland, 1996)
Polish Cultural Foundation   The Crime of Katyn (London, 1965)
US Congress House
of Representatives
  Select Committee on the Katyn Forest Massacre 1951-2, Hearings (Washington DC, 1952)
J.K. Zawodny   Death in the Forest (Notre Dame, Indiana, 1962)

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