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While you are in the UK

This section provides information and advice on a range of topics to migrants who have come to the UK, whether they are here for a few months or settling here permanently.

Please select any of the following topics for more information.

Rights and responsibilities

Find out what your rights and responsibilities are during your stay.

Extending your stay

What to do if your permission to stay has expired or will expire soon.

Biometric residence permits

Find out whether you need a biometric residence permit, and how you can use it.

Expired passport

What to do if your passport containing your visa has expired.

Travelling abroad

How to travel abroad while you have permission to stay in the UK.

Marriage and civil partnership

How to get married or register a civil partnership during your stay.

Marriage or relationship break-up

What to do if your marriage or relationship with your partner ends.

Bereaved partners

What to do if your husband, wife or other partner has died.

Domestic violence

How to stay in the UK if you are a victim of domestic violence.