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Aimhigher: helping you into higher education

Higher education can open up new career options and help you find your dream job. What’s more, you’ll immerse yourself in a subject you love, having new experiences and meeting new people. The Aimhigher programme is there to help make more people aware of what higher education is all about.

Finding out what higher education is all about

Aimhigher is about making everyone aware of the benefits higher education can bring, whatever their background.

With a huge range of courses available, the chances are you’ll find one that interests you. And it may give you a completely new perspective on where you want to go in life.

Aimhigher activities

Aimhigher activities take place across 44 local areas in England. Activities supported by the programme include:

  • visits to university campuses
  • residential summer schools
  • master-classes and open days
  • mentoring schemes

Ask your school or college how they can help you find out more about higher education. Even if they’re not involved with Aimhigher, they will be be able to offer plenty of information and advice.

There are also a number of local Aimhigher websites – and some post details of Aimhigher events in the area.

Higher education: getting more information on your options

There’s a huge variety of higher education courses on offer, with lots of different study options. Directgov can help you explore what’s available and find the one that’s just right for you, whatever your age or circumstances.

As well as advice on choosing a course, in the ‘University and higher education’ section you’ll find information on:

  • what higher education can do for you - and what student life is like
  • flexible ways to study - including part-time courses that let you work while you’re learning
  • the different ways of getting into higher education - whether you’re expecting to get A levels, a Diploma or other qualifications like NVQs or a BTEC - and information on Access to Higher Education courses for people without formal qualifications
  • details of the financial support available

Information for young people

While it’s important to keep your options open, it’s never too early to start thinking about the future - or finding out what higher education could do for you.

Information for parents

If you have a child who is considering higher education, you may have some questions about what it’s like - especially if you didn’t go to university or college yourself. Follow the link below to find out.

Information for Aimhigher practitioners

The Aimhigher programme is run by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE), with support from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS).

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