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Leisure Cycling Programme (2009-11) Interim Results

The research objective of the Finding New Solutions leisure cycling project is: “To what extent does a positive leisure experience, accompanied by follow-up support and interventions, lead to more habitual cycling?” (more…)

Scheme of the Month - Engaging Teenage Girls, Sefton

Girls from Greenbank High School

A group of girls aged 12-14 from Greenbank High School in Southport spent three months producing a film called ‘Pedal Power – The Way Forward’, it shows how they have explored cycling and the role it can play in local people’s lives. The film was premièred at a special event at Southport Arts Centre.

Personality of the Month - Chris Payne, City of Hereford Police

Chris Payne

What is your job or other main activity that involves cycling?
I am the Local Policing Sergeant for the City of Hereford Police. Currently I manage five Constables and seven PCSOs. All but one of these staff police on bicyles. Our principal mode of transport is the bicycle, and my staff spend a minumum of 80% of their time patrolling on bicyles. (more…)


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