Scheme of the Month - Tri cycling, Cycle Shrewsbury

Tri Cycling“Tri cycling” is a three day course including Bikeability, mountain biking and BMX, aimed mainly at children aged 9-12 (a Cycle Shrewsbury target group) who have not had BMX or MTB coaching before.

Trainees have to sign up to do all three kinds of cycling - they can’t just pick their favourite.

The first day covers core skills in all three disciplines. On the next two days there are Bikeability level 2 and 3 sessions in the mornings. In the afternoons the group ride out to a BMX track and to a local Forestry Commission site for MTB.

The first Tri cycling course was run in October 2010 as part of our successful “Love Your Bike” month. Everyone involved was enthusiastic; the only thing the trainees said we should change was to make the course longer.

A second course was arranged for February and quickly got booked up. This time a number of young people took part from a local Barnardo’s project.

Tri CyclingThe original aim of the course was to attract children and young people who might not be interested in doing Bikeability level 3 on its own. It has succeeded in this and has had other benefits including

- Giving our Bikeability trainers and Community Cycling Coach a chance to work more closely together and share ideas.

- Showing that different situations need different skills– you can’t ride on the road as if you were on a BMX track.

- Including young people with special needs in a mainstream activity.

This course could be adapted to other formats eg an after-school club, or for other groups eg Scouts. We now have a waiting list so hope we get the chance to develop it further and run more courses in future.

For further information email Emma Bullard, Promotions Manager, Cycle Shrewsbury


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