Infrastructure for Cyclists

Development and maintenance of appropriate and high quality infrastructure to assist cyclists, including prioritising, route selection, design, quality of implementation, signing and parking.

In addition to the reports and case studies below, the Infrastructure Toolkit for Cycling Towns (Draft) (pdf) is also a useful resource. This Toolkit brings together an expanded version of the Cycling England Design Checklist with additional technical notes on common issues and a brief Policy Toolkit.

Reports and Case Studies

Cycle Parking
Cycle Routes
Signing & Design Details

Cycle Parking

Cycle Centre Proposals; Manchester & Salford City Councils (pdf)
Assessment of the available options and advice on suitable locations for proposed cycle centres including what services each should offer.

Bike Park Management Model – Leicester City Council (pdf)
This work reviewed the operation of an established bike park and made recommendations on future development opportunities, including developing additional sites.

Cycle Parking Options Study, Somerset CC (pdf)
The ‘Secure Cycle Parking Project’ aims to deliver safe, secure cycle parking that is easy to use at a range of locations across Somerset including park and ride sites, train stations, hospitals and town centres.

Bike Locker Users’ Club (pdf)
Summary of a scheme operated by Greater Manchester PTE. Cyclists who want to use one of the bike lockers provided at stations join the Users’ Club, which helps in the effective management of these lockers.

Cycle Routes

Hessle Road, Hull (pdf)
Type of scheme: On-road cycle lanes to encourage more cycling and improve road safety on a busy main road.
Who benefits? All cyclists, particularly commuters; National Cycle Network users; Pedestrians and local residents; Vehicle occupants due to safer, more appropriate, lower vehicle speeds

Cycling on Sea Fronts / Promenades (pdf)
Permitting cycling on sea fronts / promenades can be a contentious issue. Cycling England has compiled a list of locations where cycling is permitted.

Morcambe - Lancaster Route (pdf)
Type of scheme: Off-road cycle route, utilising the disused track-bed of the former Leeds-Lancaster-Morecambe Railway.
Who benefits? Local residents making utility journeys - particularly between Morecambe and - Lancaster - for work, shopping, etc; Locals and visitors making recreational trips; Pupils and HE/FE students travelling to school, college and university

Cycling in Pedestrian Areas (pdf)
Cycling England is compiling a lists of locations where cycling is permitted in otherwise pedestrian areas at any time, and at peak times.

Audit of Cycle Path Gradients, Doncaster (pdf)
This audit provided advice on the acceptable gradients for shared use cycle paths for a section of the Balby to Woodfield cycleway near Conisbrough


Side Road Crossings, Buckinghamshire County Council (pdf)
As part of the Cycling Demonstration Town project, work has started on a programme to improve cycle track crossings of side roads. This report shows those implemented during the first phase.

Puffin Style Cycle Crossings, Cambridge City Council (pdf)
When a crossing was changed from a Toucan to a Puffin Style Toucan there was concern from local users, particularly cyclists, who believe that the new facility provides a lower level of service.

Signing & Design Details

Signing Local Routes, Sheffield City Council (pdf)
Sheffield City Council wants to give each cycle route its own identity and have been considering options for establishing this and the strategy for signing them.

Trialling Alternative Motorbike Barriers, Nottingham (pdf)
Testing a range of anti-motorbike barriers to help inform decisions on when to use a barrier and the best type of barrier to use for a particular location.

Green Space Access Protection, Stoke-on-Trent (pdf)
This document recognises the problems coursed by motorcycles and lays out a way forward which balances the needs of all users. It sets out procedures and protocols for those acting for the city council.

Wheeling Ramps, Leighton Linslade (pdf)
Review of the opportunities to provide wheeling channels to assist cyclists using the rail station at Leighton Buzzard.


Consultation Good Practice Guide (pdf)
This guide is intended to provide practical advice for the Cycling Towns on carrying out a consultation exercise for cycling-related projects.

Cycle Schemes and Legal Procedures (pdf)
This report follows a request from an English highway authority for guidance on the legal procedures employed to create cycle tracks. It includes of a useful list of acts of parliament and other statutory instruments which govern cycling.

Cycling Infrastructure and Road Safety Audit, Presentation at Aston University 23.04.09 (pdf)
Presentation by an experienced Road Safety Auditor on how Road Safety Audits can contribute to improved designs for cyclists.

Consultative Site Visits, Bristol and South Gloucestershire (pdf)
This report summarises the conclusions of an exercise to reflect on site visits with stakeholders, compare notes and learn from the experiences to influence the design of future “consultation site visits”, to make them as effective as possible, along with some suggestions from elsewhere.

Further Resources

Good Practice Common in Europe (pdf)
This note encourages local authorities to learn from examples elsewhere Europe, including some that would not be permitted in the UK at present.

Cycling England’s Smart Measures Portfolio - initiatives that combine incentives, information, training and promotion

Cycling England’s Design Checklist and Portfolio - current infrastructure guidance and best practice

Cycling England’s photo Gallery

Best Practice Case Studies from the CTC Benchmarking Project

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