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The Farm Animal Welfare Council closes down on 31 March 2011


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This is the old FAWC website. The new website of the Farm Animal Welfare Committee can now be found at

The Farm Animal Welfare Council’s role as an advisory Non-Departmental Public Body will end on 31 March 2011. The Council will be reconstituted as an expert committee. 

This change forms part of the UK Government’s reform of its public bodies, announced on 14 October 2010.  Further details were provided in Francis Maude’s Statement on 16 March 2011.

From 1 April 2011, the new Farm Animal Welfare Committee will provide independent, authoritative, impartial and timely advice, to Defra and the Devolved Administrations in Scotland and Wales on farm animal welfare issues.

Latest advice

28 March 2011:

  • FAWC has published its Final Report (PDF 270 KB) before its closure on 31 March 2011.  This contains details of the advice published, communications and activity during 2010-2011 and the ongoing work that will be passed to the new Farm Animal Welfare Committee for completion.

21 March 2011:

23 February 2011:

14 December 2010:

13 December 2010:

1 December 2010:

9 October 2010:

9 August 2010:

  • FAWC has written to Ministers with advice on the welfare of dairy cows housed all year round and/or in large herds. Please see the letter (PDF 50 KB).
  • FAWC has published the note of its Open Meeting (PDF 75 KB) held on 5 July 2010.

More advice..

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