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Procurement Policy Notes

OGC's Procurement Policy Division issues procurement policy notes (PPNs) to public sector organisations to provide guidance on, or request information about, areas of public procurement policy.

The PPNs are sent to public sector Heads of Procurement and industry representatives, who are asked to cascade these to purchasers across the public sector, as appropriate.

There are two types of notes:

  • Information notes, which provide guidance; and 
  • Action notes, which also require a form of response for the guidance provided.

Please note that all responses to the PPNs, whether information notes or action notes, or any other related correspondence, must be forwarded via your departmental coordinator.

PPN - Quarterly Updates

Topics and issues regularly arise on public procurement rules and policy that are of interest to OGC stakeholders. While OGC will continue to publicise significant developments via Procurement Policy Notes (PPNs), we have launched a new quarterly PPN to complement these updates, consolidate key messages and to raise awareness of other issues that might not warrant a PPN on their own, but are still likely to be of interest to public procurers.



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