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Welcome to the Chemicals Regulation Directorate Website

CRD is also the Competent Authority in the UK for detergents: Detergents home page


RSS News Feed From CRD Website

8 July 2010: We have created a RSS news feed which allows you to stay up to date with the latest news from CRD. Please follow the link for further information.

Latest Regulatory and Information Updates

Other news

  • Potential and Agreed Changes to MRLs
    29 March 2011: Our web page concerning proposals for MRLs (under discussion or pending publication) and published regulations has been updated.
  • FAQ on Regulation 396/2005
    03 February 2011: We have recently updated our webpage on Frequently Asked Questions relating to Regulation 396/2005.
  • SCoFCAH Agenda and Summary Reports 2011
    02 February 2011: Agendas and Summary Reports for the meetings of the Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health in 2011 can be found on this page.
  • 2010 WIIS Quarterly reports
    11January 2010: An updated spreadsheet of quarterly reports of pesticide poisoning of animals for 2008-2010 is now available
  • Research
    17 December 2010: The latest issue of the RADAR newsletter, which provides information about pesticide related Research and Development projects, is now available.
  • Pesticides Usage Survey
    02 November 2010: An opportunity to tender for the pesticides usage survey from 2011 is available


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