Question 10

Have we got the name for this organisation right? Do you have any suggestions on naming that might better convey our aims?

  • Anonymous

    I am not clear on what the role of the “Public Data Corporation” is supposed to be, so it’s quite hard to know whether it has been named appropriately?

  • Tim Thornton

    I don’t think the name matters too much, it is what it does that counts

  • Katleen Janssen

    The status of public corporation has some consequences for the organisation, including e.g. financial independency and financial responsibilities. Therefore, it needs to be clear first what the vision is for this organisation before a structure is attached to it.

    If a public corporation is intended, the status of such a corporation should be clearly communicated. If this is not the case, the name should be reconsidered.

  • Sheelagh F M Keddie

    It’s a clunky name – but thank you for avoiding ‘the people’s data!’
    The name should, however, encourage access by individuals – how about Public Data Library – library being a concept that is still current.

  • Sam Smith

    The governance of the organisation is of far more importance than the name – I believe the current name is fine.

  • Robin Waters

    There is a big difference between the Trading Name (& brand) – which might just be ‘UK Public Data’ – and the legal status. Public Data Corporation sounds to me like an oxymoron. When it is privatised it obviously will be! When, oh when, are we going to take the word ‘public’ seriously in this country? George Orwell would really have had a field day. The very concept of seeking external ‘investment’ in a ‘Public Data Corporation’ seems to me to give the game away.

  • Philip John

    The rhetoric from the department so far seems to point towards a ‘corporation’ (a term which many people associate with a large, for-profit company) that may attempt to charge for access to public data.

    “UK Public Data” is a much more fitting name – it just says what it’s about and doesn’t carry any connotations of charges.

    As mentioned in other comments, the vision and aims aren’t clear though. That needs clarifying.

  • Jacqui Taylor

    Although the function of the organisation is the key, managing the message also matters. It is important that this key work doesn’t have the word “corporation’. I think the suggestion of library is good, also I would suggest UK Data Catalogue.

  • Stephenb

    UK Open Data? Perhaps some private sector organisations might want to donate some data? The critical aspect is that data delivery can be facilitated and that the semantics of data are clear to consumers.

  • Mmedo Duffort

    Public data portal – if the aim is to identify public data sets, provide a comprehensive description and offer and quick, direct and consistent access.

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