Question 1

Which public sector datasets do you currently make use of?

  • Rob Kennedy

    DVLA Vehicle Registration Data

  • Julian Stephens

    Transport infrastructure related data

  • Derek Hunter

    It’s not public sector data – but it should be: The National Street Gazetteer.

    Currently to get access to this you have to be either a supplier of the data or an organisation ‘allowed’ to use it. I think the USRN (Unique Street Reference Number) is an incredibly useful piece of information that should be freely available.

  • Nigel Parsons

    Re-use of the Building Regulations text an diagrams

  • Ron Linton

    Almost entirely the mapping datasets authored by the Ordnance Survey. Some of our projects or contracts have been undertaken for Local Authorities in England and many of these have involved datasets provided by the Clients. These datasets have, at times, included: Planning and Development Proposals; Tree Preservation Order locations, and Highways and Street Furniture information, etc.

    Whilst Local Authority planning information does need to be kept ‘under wraps’ during the development of the Planning Proposals, the forward plans, Local Development Frameworks, etc, should be available at a consistent scale and in a consistent style through the ‘Public Data Corporation’ once approved.

  • Tim Thornton

    Data from the UK Hydrographic office – nautical charts and tidal data.

  • Sheelagh F M Keddie

    planning information: tree preservation orders: Register of Data Controllers; Companies House company information; Laws: Hansard:

  • Chris Taggart

    ONS data, local spending data, Charity Register, Police API, OS data, Postcode database

  • Philip John

    OS data, local spending data, census data, postcode database

  • Jacqui Taylor

    We are just beginning to use the COINS data and intend to make use of the ONS data. Postcode database will also be useful.

  • Stephen

    Climate data, geological data, soil data, digital terrain models, aerial photography, OS Maps

  • Jonathan Raper

    Open data including: OS free data, TfL live departures/ timetables/ fares for tube, tram, boat bus, Traveline Nextbuses API, School league tables, crime data. Would like access to Network Rail to build our own train departure boards and Geoplace National Address Register, but these latter datasets seem still to be behind paywalls.

  • Mmedo Duffort

    EA data (inc. flood, pollution incident, landfill, etc.), OS data, Local authority planning data, MAGIC.

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