Question 8

Are there any datasets or products you’d like to see generated? How would you or your organisation use them, and what social or economic benefits do you think they would deliver?

  • Julian Stephens

    Detailed information about rail and port infrastructure. Also congestion information for road networks (historical and real-time).

  • Tim Thornton

    Better road data e.g. including signage, width , height and weight restrictions etc. Combined with crowd sourced traffic speed data this could result in significantly better traffic routing, especially if historical data plus road classification is used to predict speeds on sparsely travelled roads

  • John Rae

    And this has the added advantage that it would break the current commercial monopoly that exists in such data and allow a wider range of organisations to do creative and useful things with the information.

  • Iain Sterland

    Ratings List information for commercial buildings would be very useful, specifically the whole national dataset. It would include the billing reference, full address with postcode, category code, rateable value (both unadjusted and zoned) and any other fields associated with the record. In terms of uses – seeing cost of occupancy by local area and use-type could be very insightful. On more basic level this dataset could also be THE core reference dataset for commercial property.

  • Philip John

    Ownership of buildings, including contact details. So many properties and pieces of land are left unused that could be snapped up by the community and put to good use but it’s too hard to discover who owns the land and how to get hold of it. This is going to be a growing need over the next few years as cuts bring closures to community centres run by local authorities, such as libraries.

  • Stephenb

    it would be handy to have some data available with a google maps type API. This would save organisations copying lots of data then having to host said data again with yet more servers and software. Openspace was a good idea but had very restrictive licensing terms especially for small business.

  • Jonathan Raper

    I suspect that datasets on most public services already exist and don’t need generation. We are already asking for all of these datasets of interest to us to be released. I don’t think the PDC should be trying to create datasets… I don’t see it as a business unit making cases for new datasets. I think it is more important to find hidden or unreleased datasets, which need to be surfaced and made accessible. The process of asking for the data behind all government decisions will become enshrined in practice in due course and this will act as a natural discovery process over time.

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