Consultations on modernisation still open

Healthcare workforceSeveral consultations relating to the modernisation of health and care are still open. We want your views and there are various ways you can learn more about these consultations and have your say.

The consultations, which close on 31 March, are outlined below.

Liberating the NHS: Developing the healthcare workforce
The way we plan and develop the healthcare workforce needs to respond to and support the reforms set out in Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS.

We would like your opinions on the shaping of the new system of workforce planning, education and training so that it can respond to and support the reforms, allowing for:

  • a flexible workforce that can respond to the needs of local patients
  • continuous improvement in the quality of education and training of staff
  • transparency to ensure value for money
  • a diverse workforce that has equitable access to education, training and opportunities to progress.

Healthy lives, healthy people: Our strategy for public health in England – White Paper consultation
The public health White Paper, published on 30 November 2010, includes consultation questions about the new public health service – Public Health England – and the overall changes to the public health system.

We have extended the consultation period for this in response to requests to bring it in line with two other consultations on the new public health system, outlined below.

Healthy lives, healthy people: Consultation on the funding and commissioning routes for public health
This consultation explores the proposed funding and commissioning routes for public health, including the ring-fenced budget provided to local authorities.

Healthy lives, healthy people: Transparency in outcomes, proposals for a public health outcomes framework
This consultation explores the proposed public health outcomes framework.

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