Delivering better care for patients

GP commissioning pathfinders and Health Secretary Andrew Lansley talk about the ways in which GP commissioning can help deliver better care for patients.

They were speaking at a reception at 10 Downing street for the first wave of GP consortia on the day of the launch of the GP Pathfinder Learning Network.

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4 Responses to Delivering better care for patients

  1. Karen Afonso says:

    I work in a GP’s practice in Nottingham. For years I can not understand why huge amounts of prescriptions have been allowed to go through for patients that need gluten/wheat free foods. Weekly I see large quantities of boxes of biscuits, rice, pasta, bread, crackers, pizza bases etc., being given free of charge to everyone of all ages. Surely if you are looking at ways to save costs, patients should pay for their food as they are freely available these days at stores everywhere. The same goes for lactose intolerant babies – I feel if mothers bottle feed, they should buy baby formula. The NHS in my opinion has wasted large amounts of money on this subject alone. Please consider this pampering and make them pay for food like most hard working people have always done. I look forward to your comments. Karen Afonso

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