GP commissioning improving patient care

GPs from the pathfinder consortium in Solihull expain how GP commissioning has enabled them to provide quicker and more effective care for people with suspected deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and keep them out of hospital.

The consortium has created a referral and assessment service with a local health clinic that has resulted in patients being given relevant treatment sooner and in people with DVT being treated in a primary care setting rather than in hospital.

Dr Geoff Naylor, chair of the consortium, says that it shows GP consortia ‘can improve patients’ health and hopefully do the impossible balancing act of keeping within the financial envelope as well’.

Dr Majid Ali, Clinical Director of Solihull Care and Walk-In Centre, says that it shows the potential for ‘massive savings’ because of the cost differences between treating patients in a primary or secondary care service.

This video has been produced by NHS Local, which provides a range of digital services for NHS staff and the public in the West Midlands.

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