Timeline for developing Public Health England

Anita MarslandThe timeline for the development of Public Health England – the new public health system – has been outlined by Anita Marsland (left), the Transition Managing Director for PHE.

PHE, which is due to be in place in April 2012, will be part of the Department of Health and will be responsible for delivery of improvements in public health, working closely with local authorities and other partners. PHE and local authorities will jointly appoint directors of public health who will be responsible for the health of their local populations.

‘I see this as an excellent opportunity to ensure we develop this critical joint working between central government, the present public health system and local authorities,’ said Ms Marsland.

A draft accountability framework to define formally the relationship between the Department of Health and Public Health England, along with a draft operating model for PHE, will be developed in April 2011.

Other milestones include:

Between April-October 2011

  • Establish the structure for taking forward the financial, commissioning and relationship flows between PHE and the rest of the health and care system including working relationships with local authorities.
  • Appoint a chief operating officer and designate new senior leadership team for PHE.

By August 2011

  • Complete structure definition to enable staff mapping.

Between summer 2011 and April 2012

  • Formal consultation with trade unions, staff and then plan and map staff into new structure.

April 2012

  • Staff migrate into the new structure.
  • PHE takes on full responsibilities, budgets and powers.
  • Shadow local authority budgets in place.

April 2013

  • Public health budgets allocated directly to local authorities.

PHE will also incorporate functions from the Health Protection Agency and the National Treatment Agency, as well as the Public Health Observatories and cancer registries.

>> Read Anita Marsland’s letter to stakeholders (PDF 82 KB)

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