EU Protected Food Names Scheme: Cornish clotted cream

Regulation (EEC) No 2081/92 - Application for Registration Article 17

Protected Designation of Origin Protected Designation of Origin
National application No: 03514 - Cornish clotted cream
1. Competent service of the Member State:

Name: United Kingdom - Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Tel: 020 7238 6687

Fax: 020 7328 5728

2. Applicant group:

a) Name: Cornish Clotted Cream Producers

b) Address: c/o Alfred Rodda, (A E Rodda & Son), The Creamery, Scorrier, Redruth, Cornwall TR16 5BU

Tel: 01209 823300

Fax: 01209 823373

c) Composition: producer/processor (4) other ( )

3. Name of product:

Cornish clotted cream

4. Type of product (see list in Annex VI):

other products of animal origin

5. Specification - Summary of requirement under Article 4(2)):
a) Name:

Cornish clotted cream

b) Description of Product:

Cornish clotted cream is heat-treated high butterfat cows' milk cream. It has a characteristic nutty flavour. Mixture of thick and thin consistency, granular to smooth texture and cream to golden yellow colour. It is spread rather than poured.

c) Geographical area:

County of Cornwall

d) Proof of origin:

Cornish clotted cream has been made in Cornwall to extend the life of milk high in butter fat for several centuries. It has been marketed under this name outside the geographic area for over 100 years.

e) Method of production:

Milk is warmed to separate the cream. The cream must have a minimum butterfat content of 55%. The cream is then scalded to 70 to 80º C, but not allowed to boil, for a minimum of one hour during which time a thick crust forms. The product is then cooled to a maximum temperature of 5º C during which time the crust hardens and the underside cream thickens.

f) Link

Only milk produced in Cornwall is used. Cornwall has an especially temperate climate which extends the grass growing season. The abundance of grass means that cows produce milk with the highest percentage butterfat content in England and Wales (an average 4,33% compared with 4,1%). A high level of carotene is also found in the grass which contributes to the distinctive colour of Cornish clotted cream. Cornish clotted cream has a specific quality and reputation which is widely recognized as being attributable to the Country of Cornwall.

g) Inspection bodies:

Cornwall Council
Public Health and Protection Service
Unit 6 Threemilestone industrial Estate
Tel: 01872 322000

h) Labelling:


i) National requirements (if any):
EC No: EC No: G/GB00014/960419

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