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NISCHRBackground and Policy Context

The National Institute for Social Care and Health Research (NISCHR)aims to support the creation of high-quality evidence to both inform policy and benefit patients and the public. NISCHR also commissions and directly funds R&D activity, contract managing projects and initiatives to ensure that the highest standards are met. 
A Health and Social Care Research and Development Strategic Framework for Wales (February 2002)  identified key areas to be addressed:and presents a vision of how R&D in health can be developed to address them. It also indicates how an evidence-based approach to policy and practice development can be achieved.
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NHS Wales Resources

Map of Medicine

NHS Choices - our sister service in England offers a version of the Map for the public.


The NHS Wales e-Library for Health

The NHS Wales e-library for health allows NHS Wales staff access to a range of licensed resources including databases, ejournals and ebooks.