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UK in Bangladesh

London 15:20, 14 Mar 2011
Dhaka 21:20, 14 Mar 2011

UKaid funds English for Development in Bangladesh

English in Action, funded by UKaid from the Department for International Development, has launched two landmark television programmes - a drama series Bishaash and accompanying game show BBC Janala - Mojay Mojay Shekha - on 12 October 2010 to enable millions of children and adults of all ages to learn English together for the first time. 

This new phase of the project aims to use the most widely adopted and cheapest media available – television – to reach out to the many millions of everyday people who have weak or non-existent English language skills and lack confidence to learn.

Children and adults of all ages will now be able to watch a brand new drama series Bishaash accompanied by a linked English language learning show BBC Janala: Mojay Mojay Shekha (‘Learning is Fun’). Both the shows will be broadcast back-to-back on BTV and BTV World every week on Fridays at 7.00pm and repeated on Saturdays at 2.15pm and Tuesdays at 3.00pm.  

Launch of Bishaash and BBC Janala - Mojay Mojay Shekha

Bishaash is a 24-part drama series set in Bangladesh and the UK that will be the first ever supernatural detective series in South Asia.  With a focus on family, tradition and love it features stories ranging from treasure hunts in Old Dhaka, to an alien looking for a wife and romance on the streets of London.

Mainly in Bangla to attract as large an audience as possible, the series aims to captivate audiences whilst including a functional introduction to English woven into the storylines.

It is followed by BBC Janala - Mojay Mojay Shekha (‘Learning with Fun’), an entertaining educational game show and comedy which builds on the English used in the drama, providing viewers with a fun, accessible and free way to learn English.

The back-to-back primetime programmes will transform people’s experience of learning English through a never used before approach to teaching English. This is a landmark moment in the project’s vision to raise the English language skills of 25 million people in Bangladesh by 2017 by bringing together the learning experience of project’s two essential audiences – children and adults.