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What is the Landscape Character Network (LCN)?

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The Landscape Character Network (LCN) is an informal network with a dual focus on Landscape Character Assessment (LCA) and the European Landscape Convention (ELC). LCA is an important tool for enhancing local distinctiveness and promoting sustainable development. The ELC is the first international agreement on landscape, devoted to the protection, management and planning of all landscapes in Europe. The network is open to anyone with an interest in landscape.


Natural England continues support for the Landscape Character Network

The transfer of the Landscape Character Network onto the Natural England website has now been completed and goes live today - Friday 11 February 2011.

The Government’s Transformational Government Website Rationalisation Programme has placed duties on all government organisations including Natural England to close all satellite websites - either by closing them altogether, or by bringing them into their web environment.  Natural England has decided to bring the Landscape Character Network in-house to ensure that this valuable resource continues to be available.

A discussion forum will be available soon, but in the interim please continue to send your comments to our enquiries line.
If you have any questions please contact Rachael Mills at and for technical problems

About the Landscape Character Network

The Landscape Character Network (LCN) is a free-to-join, informal, information-sharing network dedicated to landscape - delivering news, resources, links and events on Landscape Character Assessment (LCA) and the European Landscape Convention (ELC).

The LCN is recognised as a first point of call for professionals, government agencies, local authorities, academic institutions, and other individuals.  It provides a unique forum for sharing best practice and helping to develop practical applications of landscape characterisation.

Landscape Character Assessment (LCA)

The LCA is a tool to identify what makes a place unique, and can serve as a framework for decision making that respects local distinctiveness. It also provides a mechanism by which local communities and other stakeholders can contribute towards the decisions that affect their local surroundings.

European Landscape Convention (ELC) 

This is the first international convention to focus specifically on landscape. Created by the Council of Europe, the convention promotes landscape protection, management and planning, and European co-operation on landscape issues.

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