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As part of its ongoing drive to make Government more accountable and more transparent than ever before, the Cabinet Office is publishing new details about civil servants working at the heart of government.

Below are detailed organisational charts showing exactly how many people work in every branch and level of central government. Much of this information has never been in the public domain before. These organisation charts are a huge stride forward for government openness. This new information will provide an unparalleled insight into the structure, focus and size of government departments and give people the information they need to be able to hold us to account.

We know the information is not perfect, but we’d rather publish what we have at this stage. We want to be transparent about corporate data, but we do not want to publish the public’s personal details. Personal privacy is the bedrock of a free society, and is as important a guiding principle for this government as transparency.


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Senior staff salaries
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Senior staff posts
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Junior staff posts
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Publication date: 19/10/2010

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