Waste review

Defra is reviewing waste policy and delivery in England.

About the review of waste policies

The Review will look at all aspects of waste policy and delivery in England. Its main aim will be to ensure that we are taking the right steps towards creating a ‘zero waste’ economy, where resources are fully valued, and nothing of value gets thrown away.

This is a review of waste policies in England only, although we will consider whether lessons can be learned from experiences in other parts of the UK.  Waste policy in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland is the responsibility of the respective administrations.

Some waste policies come from, or are influenced by, EU or international legislation.  The findings of the review may influence the Government’s approach to implementation of these obligations, and future negotiations.

A Call for Evidence ran between 29 July and 7 October 2010.  We also ran an on-line survey and hosted a waste discussion website between 29 July and 9 September.

All the comments and suggestions received, both online or through the Call for Evidence, will be considered and fed into the Review. The early results of the Review will be made available in Spring 2011.

Page last modified: 11 October 2010

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