Woodland Grant Scheme

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The Woodland Grant Scheme (WGS) was closed to new applications in 2005. However, existing contracts will continue until their expiry date.

Further details on the WGS are available at the Forestry Commission Website.

The new English Woodland Grant Scheme (EWGS) opened in 2005 and has replaced this earlier schemes.

What was the Woodland Grant Scheme?

The Woodland Grant Scheme aimed to;

  • encourage good management of forests and woodlands, including their well timed regeneration, particularly looking after ancient and semi-natural woodlands;
  • provide jobs and improve the economy of rural areas and other areas with few other sources of economic activity; and
  • to provide a use for land instead of agriculture.

The grants were paid as part of a contract in which land managers agreed to look after the woodlands and do the approved work to reasonable satisfaction.

Between 2000 and 2005 the Woodland Grant Scheme supported the creation of 28,262ha of new woodland in England (approximately 28 million new trees planted).

In addition 257,921ha of existing woodland were brought into approved management schemes.

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