Veterinary surveillance: The England Wildlife Health Strategy

England Wildlife Health Strategy (PDF)The England Wildlife Health Strategy (PDF 850KB) was launched on 15 June 2009.

It describes how we plan to work in partnership with others to reduce the impacts of wildlife disease. By putting the principles outlined in the strategy into practice, we will ensure threats are assessed and prioritised openly and that we have a sound scientific evidence base for developing policies for measures to mitigate threats. By forming new partnerships and networks we will also be able to make better use of the surveillance information that is collected.

The strategy was developed through extensive consultation across the UK, both with colleagues in Government and also with experts in the veterinary, farming and wildlife sectors. The Wildlife Health Strategy will help to implement the wildlife elements of the Veterinary Surveillance Strategy, which is an integral part of the Animal Health and Welfare Strategy launched in June 2004.

Public consultation

The public consultation 'Working towards a Wildlife Health Strategy’ was launched on the 11th July 2007 and concluded on the 1st October 2007. The purpose of the consultation was to explore the complex issues associated with the development of a new Wildlife Health Strategy. The priority was to determine the extent and nature of involvement that government should have in wildlife health based on four key reasons for intervention: protection of human health; protection of domestic animal health; protection of biodiversity or conservation; to safeguard trade and the wider economy.

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